IELTS Vocabulary List For Good User

One of the major influencing factors that can get you high band score is wide range of vocabulary you use during IELTS Exam. Your English Level is considered to be “good”, if you commit occasional errors only.

Improving IELTS Vocabulary for Speaking and Writing Sections can immensely increase the chances of scoring high bands. Despite having good command over English, if you are unable to handle few complex situation, take notice of IELTS Vocabulary List stated below.

  1. Appease
    Meaning: to make peace with
    Sentence: A simple apology would appease his pride, making him feel better.
  2. Confidantconfidant
    Meaning: someone to whole private matters are told
    Sentence: She is not only my colleague but also my confidant.
  3. Fabricate
    Meaning: to make up something artificial that isn’t real
    Sentence: A man at my work was accused of fabricating data.
  4. Impeccable
    Meaning: without fault or error
    Sentence: His qualifications were impeccable and yet he did not get the job.
  5. Innateinnate
    Meaning: present at birth, natural
    Sentence: Ram had the innate quality of being calm all the time.
    From above IELTS Vocabulary List, it is clear that these words can be used anywhere, be it essay, report or letter writing. They will also be helpful in IELTS Speaking Section.
  6. Refurbish
    Meaning: to restore, clean-up
    Sentence: The inside of the home had been completely refurbished.
  7. Picturesque
    Meaning: beautiful, having attributes of a picture or painting
    Sentence: The view of hills was very picturesque.
  8. Scarce
    Meaning: low in number or quantity
    Sentence: Food was getting scarce during the drought.
  9. Venture
    Meaning: proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible danger
    Sentence: He is always working on some new business venture.
  10. Liberalliberal
    Meaning: quite generous, open-minded and progressive views
    Sentences: My parents are liberal with my allowance.
    This was Part 1 of our IELTS Vocabulary for Speaking and Writing. We will soon come up with different words for you to learn. Till then, keep in touch.
    If you find any of these words too difficult, look at our IELTS Vocabulary list for Modest User.

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