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How to Improve English Vocabulary for IELTS?

improve english vovabularyAre you preparing for Ielts? If yes, then you might have sometimes felt that you are lacking in vocabulary. You need to use more and more catchy and attractive words to make your speaking or writing more interesting. More stronger is your vocabulary, more bands you can score. Vocabulary plays very critical part in Ielts so you must have distinct words to express yourself. Whether you are speaking on a topic or you are writing an essay, both demands rich content that is possible only if you handle them with captivating words.

In this section, British Ielts focuses mainly on the tips to improve your vocabulary and how to utilize that properly in test. We help you to enhance your vocabulary which further guides you with Effective Tips to Improve your Spoken English. It will work for all those students who want to enhance their speaking or writing skills by improving their vocabulary. This is also treated as a component of preparation.

Extended vocabulary is always a need of an advanced student, endemic speakers, daily writers and many more. English language has millions of words and sometimes you may find it difficult to approach to a particular word. Here we’ll narrate 10 points that are important to be considered to improve your vocabulary. Lets begin!

improve english vocabulary

  1. Start working with bilingual dictionary: Notice all those difficult words that you usually cross over as they are not easy to remember or understand. Make a note of them with their meaning and start using them in daily lifestyle.
    Note: Do not use the dictionary again and again for that word.
  2. Learn by making lexical sets: Do you know the names of all animals or birds or fruits? Your answer would be surely negative. So we recommend you to make lexical sets of same category and start learning them accordingly. This would help you a lot as you will learn many new things.
  3. Start catching one word daily: Learn new words daily. Make it your routine habit with your morning tea or coffee. Start with 5 words and then 7 and then move to 10. You will analyze improvement in yourself.
  4. Start playing scrabble: This is the way to teach you by yourself in order to learn new words. You can use dictionary as well to find out the words.
  5. Do Translation: Pick a passage in your language from a book and then translate it into effective English. Use dictionary if you need, as this may help you to remember that words for lifelong. It will also enhance your writing skills as well.
  6. Use synonyms: Use as much synonyms as you can instead of simple going words. Thesaurus can help you a lot by recommending numerous synonyms for a single word. Try to store them in your mind.
  7. Hit Crosswords: It is advised to go with crosswords, at least one a day, for advanced learning.
  8. Listen to the English news or radio: Of course, when you listen to the English news you come across numerous strange words, try noticing those words and find out their meaning later in dictionary. You would be able to learn few more interesting phrases.
  9. Go for English newspapers or movies: This is the best way to enhance your vocabulary as you will recognize various unfamiliar words that allow you to endure through dictionary.
  10. Know everything around you: Look around you. Do you know their names in English? Search for the name of every equipment, every object around you to collect more distinguished English words.

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