IELTS Vocabulary List For Beginners

If you have just started learning english, it would be really beneficial to learn some simple and common words that you can use in daily conversations. With regular practice, you can become accustomed to using English and increase level of learning.

Here we present IELTS Vocabulary for Speaking and Writing sections that are easy to learn and understand.

Vocabulary for Beginners:

  1. Impressionenglish_speakingMeaning: an idea, feeling or opinion about something of someone

    Sentence: I hope I make a good impression on my teachers on the first day of school.

  2. Pursue
    Meaning: to follow someone or something
    Sentence: She chose to pursue studies in engineering.
  3. Proclaim
    Meaning: to announce something publicly
    Sentence: He proclaimed his love for her through poem.
  4. Compose
    Meaning: to make something up
    Sentence: Our bodies are mostly composed of water.
  5. Suspect
    Meaning: doubtful
    Sentence: They suspected him of robbery.
    As a beginner, you must try to practice these words in your daily conversations. They are relatively easy to use in real life and can be relied on as IELTS Vocabulary for Speaking and Writing.
  6. Tremendousielts vocabulary
    Meaning: amazing excellent
    Sentence: My brother showed tremendous improvement in his maths skills.
  7. Treason
    Meaning: disloyalty
    Sentence: They see treason everywhere and are afraid of everything
  8. Jotting
    Meaning: noting down
    Sentence: John started jotting down IELTS Words with meanings.
  9. Gesture
    Meaning: action performed to convey a feeling or intention
    Sentence: He made a rude gesture and walked away.
  10. Indicationielts _english
    Meaning: something that points out or shows something
    Sentence: They showed no indication of how work is to be done.

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