IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Get High Score In IELTS

We know, learning English words and meanings to form sentences is highly necessary to pull high band score in IELTS Speaking section. Examiner focuses on one’s ability to form complete sentences and is looking for candidate to use big English words, quite a few times, to know that he has a good command over English. For this, we present you IELTS Speaking Vocabulary to impress examiner.

#1. Despise
Meaning: a strong feeling of dislike towards someone or something
Sentence: Some of his classmates liked his nature while others despised him.

#2. Ingenious
Meaning: clever or brilliant
Sentence: Jane’s ingenious brain got her first prize in science quiz.

Brand New Vocabulary For IELTS Aspirants

#3. Smidge
Meaning: small amount
Sentence: My brother’s height is a smidge over five feet two inches.

#4. Skepticism
Meaning: doubt
Sentence: Some politicians like to maintain skepticism before revealing their true intentions.

Vocabulary For IELTS

#5. Bruise
Meaning: an injury appearing as an area of discoloured skin caused by a blow or impact tearing underlying blood vessels
Sentence: I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.

#6. Fable
Meaning: story or fantasy
Sentence: The whole news regarding her success as depicted in the magazine was a fable.

Some Easy Words To Enhance Vocabulary For IELTS

#7. Bewitching
Meaning: attractive
Sentence: While on my trip to Italy, I was bewitched by everything from its scenic beauty to food.

#8. Regimen
Meaning: systematic plan
For two years, She followed a strict doctor-controlled diet regimen.

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