Read Some Easy Vocabulary Words For IELTS

Certain parameters are to be considered in order to get high band score in IELTS Exam. One such essential parameter is using a wide range of vocabulary in all four fields of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each section requires learning of different words we bring you easy vocabulary for IELTS along with meaning and sentences.

#1. Seek
Meaning: to look for something
Sentence: Everyone has the right to seek happiness.

#2. Child’s play
Meaning: easy task
Sentence: Students who practiced maths, found final exam to be child’s play.

#3. Expressway
Meaning: large well-traveled road
Sentence: We enjoyed driving along the new expressway.

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words-for-ielts#4. Utility
Meaning: something that is useful or beneficial
Sentence: Usually utility bills are paid by my father every 10th of the month.

#5. Rectify
Meaning: make something write
Sentence: No apology was going to rectify this situation.

#6. Whereabouts
Meaning: location
Sentence: Whereabouts of escaped prisoner are unknown.

#7. Blueprint
Meaning: plan
Sentence: I tried to create the blueprint of this project.

#8. Fatal
Meaning: something that is very harmful
Sentence: Rajeev had a fatal accident last summer.

#9. Cordial
Meaning: friendly or sociable
Sentence: My relations with class representative are cordial.

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ielts-learning#10. Nullify
Meaning: cancel
Sentence: The law was nullified by supreme court of India

#11. Obese
Meaning: very overweight
Sentence: Daily consumption of junk food always ends

Our list of learning easy vocabulary for IELTS ends here. Keep following us for more such lists that can help you really score high bands in IELTS.

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