IELTS 2017: Brand New IELTS Vocabulary List For Students

Enrich your vocabulary with our latest list of words with meanings and examples that can be easily used in Speaking and Writing Sector of IELTS exam. Getting high band score in IELTS exam demands candidates to possess ‘lexical resource’ that means wide range of vocabulary for IELTS exam.

IELTS Vocabulary List:

#1. Conventional
Meaning: in accordance with what is generally done or believed
Sentence: Her favorite books are conventional romantic tales of love.

#2. Fleeting
Meaning: lasting for a very short time
Sentence: In one fleeting moment, his life changed upside down.

#3. Lethargy
Meaning: lack of energy and enthusiasm
Sentence: Large doses of medicine can cause lethargy in both humans and animals.

IELTS Vocabulary List for Beginners

#4. Appetite
Meaning: desire to eat food
Sentence: Because of jaundice, Mary suffers from poor appetite these days.

#5. Domicile
Meaning: the place where you make your permanent home and where you are considered to be a permanent resident
Sentence: The postal office couldn’t locate his domicile, so they were holding his mail


#6. Restoration
Meaning: the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition
Sentence: In an attempt to restore his old vehicle, he injured himself.

IELTS Vocabulary List for Modest User

#7. Cupidity
Meaning: strong desire
Sentence: Cupidity is not the same as purpose.

#8. Vitality
Meaning: energy, spirit
Sentence: Children are full of vitality

#9. Audacity
Meaning: a willingness to take bold risks, disrespectful behaviour
Sentence: Some people have the audacity to shout and insult their elderly.

IELTS Vocabulary List for Good User

#10. Side-splitting
Meaning: amusing
Sentence: Besides mimicking, his side-splitting behaviour causes people to love him.

With this our Vocabulary for IELTS 2017 comes to an end. Hope it helped you!

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