Five Topper’s Tips You Must Know to Score 8 Band in Your IELTS

Five Topper’s Tips You Must Know to Score 8 Band in Your IELTS

Are you nervous, or somewhat feeling anxious for your IELTS exam? Most of us are as the IELTS D-day is advancing like a rhino with every passing day. IELTS is not just any other two-hour and forty-minutes exam, it is of uttermost importance in many individual’s life, those who have plans to make it big in a foreign land, either for studies or work. Hence, this exam can make and break the dreams and career of such individuals. But, sitting with hands on hands and waiting for the good things to happen will won’t be great, especially if you are aiming for an IELTS 8 band. Roll down to take a look the top five IELTS exam tips straight from the mouth of toppers.

5 IELTS Exam Tips-

1. Focus on Your Weaknesses

What are your weaknesses? Do you know? Most of us will probably never want to look into them. But, at the end of the day to crack your IELTS with a good score, you have to!. Figure out the sections from your opted IELTS module, those which you find both hard and baffling. Never give your weaknesses a miss thinking you can cover them in the other sections because in such competitive exams every single mark matters.

2. Listening and Reading Skills

Pay more attention to both your reading and writing skills, this is what many toppers advice to all the inspiring IELTS takers around the globe. Since both this section will be graded objectively, you have an opening to score high and move a step closer towards your aim of IELTS 8 band

3. Time- Your Biggest Enemy

Time is your biggest enemy when comes to clearing an IELTS exam. And, practice is only and the best medicine to make it your ally at your next attempt. Practice solving reading passages well before the allocated time frame is the most recommended tips of IELTS 8 banders.

4. Prepare Well for the Speaking Test

Speaking test is like a riddle for most, especially those, who are aren’t blessed with fluent English speaking skills. But, to overcome that practice your speaking skills by going one on one with one of your best pal or a mentor to experience the real exam-like experience situation, and this will also help you to manage the butterflies in the belly.

Speaking vocabulary to get high score in IELTS

5. The Night Before

The night before the exam is critical as this is the best time to grasp up the whole syllabus like a “topper”. Are you also on the same page? Yes, then you are probably not following the topper’s suit.

Have a sound sleep without a burdened head(to be frank virtually impossible), and the next morning go for a healthy meal, this is what many did to achieve IELTS 8 band.

At last, no matter how much efforts you put in for IELTS preparation, you have to be calm and confident during your exam to achieve you aiming for. And, get IELTS coaching for the experts contact British IELTS.

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