Latest IELTS Speaking Topics 2017

5 Most Popular IELTS Speaking Topics 2017

When we talk about the writing part in IELTS you have a chance to go back and revise your answers. But in speaking section everything is quick and you have to keep good command at your fluency. The IELTS speaking tips are designed for you to help you prepare more efficiently and speak fluently and confidently.
It is important to have topic knowledge so that you should not fumble while interacting with your administrator. So here are some latest IELTS topic 2017 mentioned below:

1. CHOCOLATEdark-chocolate
While speaking to your administrator, you can start like this:
I like chocolate because brown coco is my favorite flavor. I usually go for dark brown chocolates as it is good for the heart and controls blood pressure. The first time I ate chocolate when I was 2 years old. Chocolates can be used in different forms like in cakes, biscuits etc. It can also be used as a symbol of affection by gifting someone you love.

2. TELEVISIONtelevision topic ielts speaking
I watch television regularly to keep myself updated with happenings around the world. My favorite TV program is______, you can go for any TV program of your choice. I used to watch cartoons and science kids show in my childhood. Television has changed my life as it has upgraded my thought process in a positive manner.

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3. CELEBRITIESielts sepaking topic celebrity
The favorite celebrity of my country is ______. You can say the name of your favorite celebrity as per your liking. The celebrities influence their fans by bringing out their best in whatever role they play. For example, Shahrukh Khan in Chak De India. Talk about the movie or actor who have noticeable work. You can also mention about foreign celebrity if you like to.

4. BAGSielts speaking topic-bags
I am fond of colorful cotton bags. I usually carry bag when I go out with friends, family or office. If you are a male you can speak about a type of wallet you carry. Women generally goes for trendy tote bags which are easy to carry and is spacious. One can go for any type of bags according to one’s personality.

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5. PUBLIC TRANSPORTielts speaking topic-transport
Public transport is the best way of traveling around a city. According to me, the medium I will prefer is a bus. It runs all around the city covering most of the area and is the most feasible transport .

So these are the few popular IELTS speaking topics that will help you in your preparation. You can also look at other IELTS speaking 2017 topics. The above mentioned is just a mere idea one can take and prepare for his or her IELTS paper. If you have knowledge about the topics, you can speak in a flow and can create interactive process with your examiner. For best preparation, join best IELTS coaching.


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