IELTS Speaking Tips: Way To Score 7 Bands

Learning English words and meanings is one thing, while forming sentences and responding is other. This is why IELTS exam focuses on one’s ability to form complete sentences and respond where necessary. This section of exam is somewhat like an interview, where students are first required to introduce themselves and later speak on given topic.
There are few IELTS speaking tips and techniques, using which, candidates can score 7 bands or more. They are discussed further below.

#1. Speak A Great Deal
Yes, speaking more throughout this session of 13-14 minutes can get you high bands. Your score goes up immediately when you at a length without noticeable effort or loss of coherence. So say as much as you can when asked question. Though, you must avoid repetition.

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#2. Make Sure To Use An Idiom Or Two
When you use an idiom, examiner tends to conclude that you have not limited your English to only textbooks but have also adapted habit of using them. Also, this shows you’re comfortable using language. So impress examiner by using learning some commonly used idioms.ielts-speaking-tips#3. Speak Clearly
It is very important for the examiner to understand each word you speak. Don’t speak too fast or too slow. Maintain a reasonable frequency.

#4. Put Linking Words Into Use
This is one of the best IELTS Speaking tips to pull off high band score. Use linking words to connect ideas, sentences, phrases, etc. Also, remember to use a variety of linking words. Examiner won’t be expressed if you keep on repeating only one or two linking words throughout exam.

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#5. Quality Of Voice
When we speak, examiner is looking for an impression of how our tone of voice conveys the message. Our sound can be pleasant and friendly, shy, uncomfortable or under-confident. It is not enough to just say the right words, but pitch must be right as well.

#6. Learn Difference between Natural Spoken English And Memorized Sentences
Examiners are trained enough to identify whether you are speaking mugged up sentences or responding naturally. Do not recite bookish words as it will not get you any scores. Take help from our blogs of IELTS Speaking tips to improve your Spoken English.

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