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Useful PTE Speaking Tips For Academic Test

PTE Academic has now become the most popular English language exam among students as well as people looking to permanently migrate to abroad. It is a computer-based test which enables the test-takers to freely attempt PTE speaking section without worrying too much about time management. But unlike IELTS or TOEFL, PTE Speaking section is marked on five different parameters – which can get quite hard to master. So how can you score high? Imply the following PTE speaking tips while preparing!

Improving Oral Fluency For Test Day
Boost Your Confidence – What is the primary attribute of delivering fluent speech? Confidence. Make sure to get familiar with educational words used in contexts of Academic words. Don’t just cram words and their pronunciation, learn their meanings in order to know when to employ them while speaking too. Better vocabulary will definitely help in building confidence.

Hear A Lot Of English – Movies, BBC news channel, sports commentary, songs, audio books can not only help you learn English but also serve as entertaining factor. Out of all the PTE speaking tips, this can help you prepare both listening and speaking section. You will understand phonetic pronunciation more accurately.

pte-speaking-sectionRecord Yourself – Listening to your own recordings will help you identify your own mistakes. Whether you are speaking too slowly, too loudly or too fast. Also, you can spot errors in pronunciation.

Do You Want More Detailed Tips? Learn How To Prepare For PTE Speaking Test Section-Wise.

On Test Day
Don’t Pause – The biggest mistake you can commit in PTE speaking section is to take a long pause. Note: Microphone will automatically switch off after 3 seconds of silence. And there are no second chances. Short pauses also result in loss of marks.

Stick To The Topic – You must speak relevant facts that center around the given topic. Speaking anything that doesn’t concern it will cost you points. Thorough study of topics must be done.

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