PTE Speaking Tips: How To Prepare Section-Wise

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based test, designed to examine non-native English Speaker’s ability to understand and exercise English. PTE Academic is most sought-after exam among students as well as people looking to permanently migrate to countries like Australia, United States, UK and now Canada too!

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But unlike IELTS or TOEFL, PTE Speaking section is marked on five different fields of competency – Reading aloud, repeating sentence, describing an image, re-telling lecture and answering short questions. Beneath, we’ll discuss how you can master each department.

Part 1: Read Aloud
Marks in this PTE speaking section are awarded based on candidate’s capability to read and speak out given text. After 40 seconds of countdown, recording starts. Within these 40 seconds, one must try to identify the purpose of given text, predict fitting tone and lastly, how to speak the whole text not beyond time limit.

PTE Speaking Tips: Practicing complicated texts from scholarly books can help to build oral-fluency as well as pronunciation of hard academic words.

Part 2: Repeat Sentence
Here, Candidate has to listen to an audio and repeat the same thing. Only 3 seconds are given before the recording starts. It is important for candidate to speak at a natural rate such that the tone remains the same. Also, they are to infer the meaning of unfamiliar words.

PTE Speaking Tips: There should be no replacement or insertion of words. Pauses should be unaltered and executed in the same manner (just as in original sentence). Take help from online training material.


Part 3: Describe Image
A visual image (can be in form of graph, bar-diagram, pie-chart) is displayed. Candidates are given 25 seconds to study it and then speak for 40 seconds in this PTE speaking section. Formulation of facts in such a way that it notifies basic data including explanations is to be carried out, other than speaking fluently with correct pronunciation.

PTE Speaking Tips: Prerequisite condition to score well in this section is to practice. And a lot. It is highly crucial for an individual to master method of depicting date from a given visual image. Relevant facts, supporting info and in a logical way are a must to score high.

Part 4: Re-tell Lecture
An audio, containing 60-90 seconds of lecture, is heard. After this, candidate has to recite the same information in his/ her own words. This means one has identify theme of the lecture (topic), infer meanings, abstracting important information then develop sentences based on what they’ve understood. In this PTE speaking section, both listening and speaking skills are tested.

PTE Speaking Tips: Again, practice is a must. Stating important information, key points and not moving away from the central idea of the lecture will get high scores eventually.

Part 5: Answer Short Question
One questions is asked and candidates are to answer this in most simple way and also, keep it short. Selection of appropriate word or words is to be done.

PTE Speaking Tips: Let’s consider an example – What is the most important document you would have to show if you wanted to hire a car? Answer would be – Drivers Licence. Therefore, the answer has be very straightforward!

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