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Some necessary tips for IELTS Writing task

Are you dreaming of studying abroad? Dreams give birth to lots of questions that demand instantaneous answers. If your questions get answered appropriately and at the right time, you can proceed in the right direction immediately. Students who are interested in studying abroad are well aware about IELTS test. These students have numerous questions in their minds about IELTS and some of these questions are related to essay writing. They want to know about some tips that would help them to write impressively. Here are the questions with relevant answers:

ielts writing skillsQues 1. Can I use capital letters?
Answer: Yes, you can use capital letters. Earlier it was not allowed but the new rule permits the students to write essay in capital letters as well.
Ques 2. Is writing task 2 similar for both general and academic test takers?
Answer: Yes the task is same for both general and academic test takers but you’ll be examined in different manner for both cases, keeping in your profile.
Ques 3. Do Singular and Plural forms considered as mistakes?
Answer: Yes, they are considered as mistakes. Examiner is enough intelligent to check you at every part of the exam including your spellings, verbs and other grammatical matter. Mistakes are mistakes either small, medium or big and the marks will be deducted.
Ques 4: What should be preferred among numbers and figures while writing?
Answer: In writing test, it is strictly advised to use figures rather than numbers like it’s better to use “four” instead of using “4”. However, in other modules you may use these numbers.
Ques 5: Accent matters or not?
Answer: No, accent does not matter at all. You will be analyzed on the basis of your concepts ideas, pronunciation and clarity. Yes, you can enhance your vocabulary using How to Improve English Vocabulary for IELTS?

Hope, you got convincing answers to your questions. Now, you can enjoy your writing task as you have earned all the necessary information to score 7+ bands in IELTS writing. Every module among the four modules is important to prepare individually. So, we try our best to give you the specific information on expected topics.

ielts writing tipsMoreover, you should also go through a Perfect Guide for IELTS Practice. Once you get prepared, you can move on to proceed further for your IELTS test.

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