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Often Misused Words in English Language

Most of the people use some English expressions analogously. These words look similar in meaning but are used in different manner with a little difference. Some of these words are shown below with differences between them. Improve your vocabulary using these expressions. Let’s discuss!!

Talent and Skilldifference between talent and skill

By most of the crowd, “talent” and “skill” are misunderstood but there exists a difference between these two words. Talent is inborn quality of a man that just needs a platform or a right direction whereas a Skill is an ability that is developed by an individual by learning. Skill can be constructed by anyone provided the person has strong determination for it whereas talent can never be built. Talent is gifted by a nature therefore it is inbuilt whereas skill is to be earned by a creature through efficient learning, experience and practice.

Climate and Weatherdifference between climate and weather

Usually, these two words Climate and Weather are used likewise. Whereas there exists difference. Climate refers to the eventual changes in weather over long period of time whereas weather means day-to-day atmospheric changes or changes in atmosphere for short period. Making it more simpler, Climate is what is expected for example “summers are hot” whereas weather is what we actually get like hot day of summer with thunderstorm. So concluding we can say,
Weather is day-to-day or month -to month or seasonal changes in atmosphere whereas average of these weather conditions is termed as Climate of a particular region.

Motivation and Inspirationdifference between motivation and inspiration

Motivation and inspiration seems similar but there resides a big difference between them. Motivation means the reason for acting or behaving in a particular way whereas Inspiration means an excitement that is mentally adopted to do something creative or unique.

Motivation, somehow, leads to an active pathway. It awakes a lazy person and let him a to the path of doing something energetic. It forces the sleeping mind to achieve something and you’ll not sit relax until you attain your goal. The motivated person is over energetic and restless. You work harder to accomplish your dream. Further, you also realize your actual capability which was hidden earlier.

Whereas,on the other hand, inspiration is an idea that develops in your mind and allows you to do something creative. Unlike motivation, which forces you to follow the same path in a particular manner, it assists you to follow a path of success in your own way and ideas. Inspired person works secretly and achieve the goal. Concluding all above, we can say:

Inspiration is a seed and motivation is water. You can sow many seeds but you need water to let them grow. A motivated mind is a highly energized mind which can be taken into any direction. Inspiration gives that direction. So both can be processed together.

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