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IELTS Speaking: What is the examiner looking for?

About the Matter
Speaking module is one of the four modules of IELTS test. A candidate has to express his/her ideas on a particular topic for 2 minutes in Speaking part-2. This topic will be provided by the examiner and you are marked on your performance. The criteria for the grading system depends upon various factors. These factors are described below:

Fluency and consistency: How fluently you are speaking and how well you are conveying your ideas without pause
Verbal Communication: How strong is your vocabulary, how many alternatives you use for a word
Grammatical knowledge: How accurately you use grammar and the variety of the grammar structures like tenses, verbs etc
Pronunciation: How well you utter the word or how well you use the accent so as to make the examiner understand easily.
Relevance: Whether your points are relevant to the topic

These things seem very simple to follow. But are you sure that you pursue them during your actual performance. Regular practice for IELTS exam is obligatory.

How Does Examiner Assess Candidate?
Let’s take an example:
When you will start speaking on this topic, you will be graded on the basis of five attributes- fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, relevance.

You need to be very fluent while you’re speaking. Don’t resume or take a pause while expressing your views. Keep yourself ready with more and more new words. The ideas should be strong and should be linked to each other.

Proper usage of grammar is very necessary while speaking. Your impression gets very low if you would not be able to go with your grammar perfectly. Use high degree of grammatical competence. Use precise form of tenses, clauses, articles etc.

Your verbal communication skills should be very powerful to impress the examiner. Use more and more vocabulary. So, work on your Spoken English. Use idioms or other phrases to transmit your ideas solemnly.

This is the most important part of your speaking. Using difficult and uncommon words alone cannot attract more scores if you lack in pronunciation. It doesn’t matter how creative thoughts you carry until you pronounce them in that way. So work on your pronunciation so the examiner can understand your points easily.

Make sure that you would not go off-topic. Your points need to be relevant to your topic. Try to associate real life example, if you have a time.

How To Draw High Score In IELTS Speaking test?
You can equip yourself in numerous ways. You can make notes of analysis results while listening to another candidate in a class. Later, compare these results with the teacher’s results. Do the same for you as well. This would definitely help you to enhance your speaking skills more quickly. It also helps you to understand what the examiner is looking for and the areas that you need to polish.

Above all, you have to find a good IELTS Coaching institute, where you can prepare for the best IELTS coaching and spoken english. They offer various IELTS mock test for your daily preparation. You would surely perform excellently after an appropriate coaching.

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