IELTS Reading Tips: Improve Your Score!

In IELTS reading section, 3-4 passages are given with increasing difficulty and students often get confused while attempting them. They find context hard to understand and follow because of its complexity. However, answering 40 questions within a limited period of time i.e. 60 minutes is to be done. It is highly advised to practice as much as how you would do for other sections. Read our IELTS reading tips and do not take it lightly seeing that you have been doing it since school days. It is very important for you to write answers on answer sheet because nothing you write on question paper will be given scores.

Vocabulary To Improve IELTS Reading Score

Let’s discuss how you can improve your attempt in reading section of IELTS.
Getting Accustomed To All Type Of Questions
There are overall 40 questions and each have their own set of instructions. It is better to familiarize with each and learn how to attempt them. There are matching headlines, True False Not Given Yes/ No Not Given, matching paragraph information, summary and sentence completion, multiple choice, title selection, categorization, and so much more. Read more IELTS reading tips on how to tackle each.


Skimming – Scanning
You must become proficient in these two schemes if you want to score more without wasting too much time. Skimming is getting an overview of passage just to learn what is it about. It is very hard to learn and understand each word in a paragraph. They are usually very long and can be really time consuming. It is better to grasp the essence of topic. By the method of scanning, you can locate your answer easily once you have skimmed through the given data.

Tips To Get High IELTS Reading Score

Practicing Difficult Passages
Depending on your test, Academic or General, take help from study material available online or provided by your coaching institute. Try to do as many passages as you can, irrespective of how hard their content is for you to follow. It’ll help you to build up vocabulary as well as improve your skill to spot ‘keywords’ to find correct answers. ‘Practice makes Perfect’ is indeed one of the most important IELTS reading tips you’ll ever need.

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