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How to Write Better English Sentences in IELTS?

IELTS writing is considered to be a very difficult module by most of the test takers. This actually happens due to less preparation or least focus on this part. These students are found to spend majority of their time on speaking module exercises during their IELTS coaching classes. This is a reason why the majority of test takers perform better in IELTS speaking than IELTS writing task.

It’s needless to say that Practice makes a man perfect. So, one needs to practice harder to win over this weakness. They should follow IELTS tips to make their writing more better and sophisticated. For this, students can check out online videos, listen to the news where people join two simple sentences and make it a single one that looks more impressive. Improvement in writing skills does not only help you to write better IELTS essay, but also helps you to score good in other English language exams such as PTE, SAT etc. So, learn these tips for the betterment of your writing skills. Here are some necessary tips for IELTS Writing task.

How to write English Sentences in a better way?

Here are some tips that you should hold before sitting for any exam, testing your writing ability.

Use Linking adverbs

linking adverbs in ielts

It becomes very essential to use linking words in writing to combine your ideas. It makes your writing more understandable and influential. Linking words help you to connect your ideas in much better way. Reflect your thoughts in dramatic manner using these words. Some examples are shown below:

Therefore: She didn’t pick my call and therefore I decided to reach her office.
Additionally: Additionally, 9 hours of self studies will be necessary
Consequently: Consequently, I need more time to prepare my lessons than other girls
Firstly, secondly, finally..: Firstly understand the question, then proceed.
Moreover: Moreover, they were afraid of him
However: However, in this case my pains were their own reward

Prefer more and more synonyms than basic vocabulary

synonyms in ieltsLearn synonyms to replace basic vocabulary, we use in our daily lives. For this, you can use novel, newspapers or even websites. Some examples are shown :

Like can be replaced with such as, for example.
To get can be replaced with acquire, obtain, receive.
To help can be substituted with assist, support, cater, aid.

Make your sentence more complex but interesting

Try to use sentences in more sophisticated manner. Use synonyms, linking words, phrases and idioms to make your sentences advanced. Idioms help you to score high bands in IELTS. Look at the changes between the following two sentences:

improve ielts writing

Normal writing: Trees gives us shade. Trees also improve the beauty of the city by adding more greenery.

Advanced version: Not only does trees provide us coolness, but they also enhance the elegance of the society by contributing towards more greenery.

These sentences are similar but used more dramatically. Same information is presented in a different form. So, it is strongly advised to use modern ways of writing to construct sentences in IELTS writing task. Examiner always seek for a piece of interesting writing and if it is yours, you can easily pull high bands in your test.

Join IELTS Coaching institute

coaching for ielts

Above all, a good coaching can really help you to attain high score in your test. If you cannot prepare it by yourself, then do not to waste time. You need an expert advice and guidance. A reputed IELTS coaching institute can help you to achieve your goal by converting your weakness into your strength.

Use these tips and get ready to wear success!!

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