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How to Improve IELTS Speaking Skills?

Out of four modules of the IELTS test, people find IELTS speaking very difficult. This is because of the fact that it requires you to represent yourself as an English speaker in front of an examiner who tests your skills in different ways. He may ask you to speak about yourself in part 1, gives you a cue card in part 2 and at the the end may ask you some random questions on your topic of cue card in part 3. Sometimes, you may get the topic with which you are bit familiar or sometimes it might be totally new to you. In the second case, students get tensed and fail to crack this test. But guys listen!! It is not your general knowledge test, it just tests your English. Whether you know about the topic or not, just relate it with something you know and speak fluently. That’s it. The main focus should be on word formation, linking words and other phrases that will make your speaking impressive.

To get excel in anything, you need to work hard for it. Do regular practice. I am going to pen down some essential tips for you that will help you to improve your speaking skills.

Record yourself and then pen down your answer

record n listen

Most students follow an opposite approach. They first write their answers and then try to speak it. But it is really difficult to speak that way when you get any question. Avoid common mistakes made by most of the IELTS candidates. You cannot speak fluently the way you write so never use this method. Recording can help you a lot. When you’ll listen to your recording you can improve yourself. Check the following key points:

  1. Did you say enough?
  2. Were your sentences organized?
  3. Did you speak slowly or too quickly?
  4. How long was your answer?
  5. Pauses should not be long.
  6. Was your answer related to the question?
  7. How was your Pronunciation?
  8. Did you Repeat the words?

This practice is adopted by many IELTS candidates and they have noticed much improvement.

Better to start practicing in your own language: You may find this advice unusual because you are here to improve your english speaking skills so why own language? I have a motive behind this advice. Just to enhance your thinking skills you should try this in your own language. Once you get ideas, you can easily translate them in English. This will help you to check how fluently you can speak in your own language before you start speaking in English.

Tip for IELTS Speaking part 2 ielts speaking cue cardMany people fear of IELTS speaking part 2 where they are given 2 minutes to speak on a given topic. You don’t have to worry about it because it is really easier than what they think. Divide the time into four parts:

  • 20 seconds
  • 20 seconds
  • 20 seconds
  •  1 minute

Each given question is further divided into 4 parts and you have to cover each part in your answer. So you can assign particular time to each part. This will allow you to cover each part and you will also get enough content to speak for 2 minutes. There are often misused words in English language, try to be away from them or use them appropriately.

Use pictures to promote your speakingWhat Is Your StoryYou will not get any picture in your examination hall. But you can practice using these picture. You can search for pictures related to IELTS topics and then explain them. This will help you to generate more ideas. Then try to speak on same topic without picture, see the difference. I suggest you to look into your own pictures to remind your memories. You can get any topic related to your life.

Reading can help you a lotReading to improve speaking

Reading and speaking are practiced together because by reading you hit many words which may be new to you. Then you’ll try to find its meaning and use it in your regular speaking. This can increase your vocabulary. Enhance your vocabulary, it can pull more bands in speaking test.

If you really want to hit the target band 7 join the best IELTS coaching. They make you prepare for each module.

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