Why an Average Student Score 5.5 Bands?

Have you ever appeared in an IELTS exam and scored a band of 5.5? Well, not a big deal, as lakhs of students appears in India for this test. However, the fact of the matter is that not all are able to get the desired band score that is required to study in abroad. Moreover, what’s lost is wastage of money and time, stress, and worry of not clearing their exam in the attempt.

So, the question is that what might be the factors that lead to the scoring average score in IELTS exam? Or what factors separate IELTS achievers from those who could not make out. Obviously, we can’t say that it’s due to intelligence instead it’s the smart work that counts in exams like IELTS.

So, if you are one among those who haven’t been able to score above 5.5 bands in IELTS, below might be some of the traits of average scorers and successful IELTS scorer:

  • Seek for Different Source of Guidance: Everyone has a tendency to go with word of mouth. The problem with average scorers is that they take admission in such an institute that is quite popular. In the end, they don’t get the right guidance and look for other resources. So, in the end, multiple information is gathered which leads to confusion.
  • Hoping to Get a Good Score: Success solely doesn’t depend on hope and luck, instead proper guidance is required to clear the exams like IELTS. Also, one needs to figure out what is making them lack behind their score so that they can try improving it.
  • Looking for a Shorter Path: This is what most of the average IELTS scorer does. Just a few weeks before the IELTS exam, students start surfing on the internet for some shortcuts like tips and tricks to get a good IELTS band score. To be very frank, there are no shortcuts to achieving a good band in IELTS exam. English is such a language that needs consistent learning and that too under the right guidance.

Hope now you have an idea that where exactly you are lacking behind and where you need to focus on. So, make sure not to commit such mistakes and look forward to follow the right approach. Well, looking for some help? We at British IELTS can give you the right guidance so that you are able to achieve your desired band score i.e. above 5.5. So, why are you waiting, just enroll yourself at British IELTS, one of the best IELTS institutes in Chandigarh and have a bright future ahead.


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