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Read What actually happens in an IELTS Speaking Exam

Many students prepare for IELTS Speaking exam, but they are not aware of the pattern and type of questions asked in this module. As the exam is of great significance and that’s why I am going to share my own experience regarding IELTS speaking exam. But before we proceed, it is essential to understand what this exam is all about and how it is conducted.The exam is divided into three sections which are mentioned below:

1. Section 1 comprises of introduction and personal interview.

2. In section 2, the examiner will assign a topic and you have to speak on it for 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Section 3 is the most difficult one in which examiner asks questions about the topic allotted to the aspirant.

The test is conducted to determine English speaking proficiency of aspirant. Each part of the test is of 5 minutes duration. So, I am going to share my experience and suggestions about IELTS speaking exam.

1. Questions asked by the examiner in part 1 of the IELTS speaking exam: As I entered the room, the examiner instructed me to have a seat. After this, he started asking questions related to my place, customs, traditions and things I like. I would like to suggest all aspirants that while responding to the questions, don’t limit your answer to one word but also give little information about it.

For example – Which place you belong?
Ans – Instead of speaking I am from Delhi say, I am from the capital of India, Delhi.

2. Questions asked by the examiner in part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam: In this section, the examiner gave me a topic on Nelson Mandela and asked me to speak on it for at least 2 minutes. Before I start, he gave me 1 minute to note down important points and notes about the topic. I would like to suggest all students that while speaking about the topic, your pronunciation should be clear and always use dynamic words rather than simple words.

For example – Instead of using words like good or bad, use Thrilled, Unpleasant, Adverse etc. It will help to score good bands in IELTS.

3. Questions asked by examiner in part 3 of the IELTS speaking exam –
This section was the toughest of all. The examiner took back the notes I made and started questioning about the allotted topic. It is necessary for the aspirants to stay on topic while answering and also make sure to speak loud enough. I want to suggest students that always stay polite in front of the examiner and if you are seeking him to repeat any question, always ask in a well-mannered way.

For example – If the question is not understood to you, never say What, alternatively, you should ask like, Please repeat it, sir. That sounds more formal and makes a good impression.

So, the conclusion is that, prepare well for the exam because only that can help you score good bands in IELTS. For better preparation of IELTS speaking, join best IELTS coaching institute of Chandigarh- British IELTS.

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