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Want to Score High in PTE Exam? Here’re a Few Tips!

If you are probably reading this article, then you might be aware of PTE exam i.e. Pearson Test of English that is certainly one way to assess the proficiency of a candidate towards the language. The test is conducted for those students who are aspiring to study abroad. One of the advantages of taking this test is that the result is delivered very fast that is within a time span of 5 days as compared to TOEFL and IELTS that usually takes more time for results. Also, it evaluates a candidate via automated scoring software. So, it’s important for a student to prepare well for this exam as there are no chances of getting human emotional empathy that might help you boost the score.

Well, if you are looking for some guidance to prepare for your PTE exam, here’re some tips to get through with the high score:

  • Tip1: During the writing exam, it is important to make use of commas, capital letters, full stops, etc. Also, while concluding the text, make sure to do in between 5 to 75 words, as if you will give your answer less than 5 words or more than 75 words, you will not be scored. Apart from this, when writing an essay, search the subject and the area that you need to focus on. Moreover, it’s important to remember the limit of words used that is it should be in between 200-300 words.
  • Tip2: While giving your speaking exam, it’s important to keep on speaking and respond immediately. If there is 3 seconds of silence, then the microphone will automatically stop its recording process. However, a candidate will be provided 10-40 seconds to go through the text before the actual recording starts. Also, ensure that you incorporate essential points in the limited time span that you have been allotted.
  • Tip3: Next comes the reading exam section in which a candidate will have to utilize text boxes and prompts shown up alongside different task to get an idea what content is all about. Also, build up your grammar skills and vocabulary aptitudes to help you go through the reading section smoothly.
  • Tip4: Lastly, while giving an attempt to listening exam section, jot down the main idea and arguments supporting to help you outline your response in a better way and obtain a good score. Also, make sure to check what you had written for spelling as well as the grammatical mistake. Spare some time to re-check what you have responded to.

Alike you, there are numerous candidates who get anxious with the complex structure of PTE exam. However, this can be avoided and a student can obtain a good score in PTE exam. A little attentiveness, thorough revision, and good guidance are what that can help them come up with flying colors. Want to know how to do so? Well, nowadays there are so many reputed and best PTE institute in Chandigarh and British IELTS is one among them. The institute has appointed highly experienced and dedicated trainers to help students not only prepare for PTE exam, but at the same time polish their skills to get through the exam with good score. So, what are you waiting for? Join British IELTS and give a good path to achieve your career abroad.



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