Vocabulary Words For IELTS Topic Related to“Health”

Either its your IELTS speaking test or writing test, vocabulary words play an important role in attaining high scores. The more vocabulary you know , the more fluently and masterly you will be able to write and speak.

It is understood that you will not be able to learn all words, so you have to keep in mind that what kind of vocabulary you need to focus on. There are multiple ways to improve your IELTS vocabulary; however the quickest way is to categorize your words on different topics.

15 Health related vocabulary words that you can learn for IELTS exam:

ielts speaking topic health

Overweight: Fat
Obesity: Extremely fat or overweight
Eating Disorder: A mental illness in which people eat far too little or far too much food
Diet: The food and drink usually eaten or drunk by a person or group.
Overeating: Eating more than your body needs.
Allergy: A condition that makes a person become ill
Prevention: To stop something from happening
Wellness: achievement of a person’s overall health
Life Skills: tools for building a health life
Depression: sadness and hopelessness that keep a person from carrying out everyday activities.
Stress: The body and mind’s response to a demand
Dehydration: a state in which the body has lost more water then has been taken in.
Sleep deprivation: lack of sleep
Fad diet: diet that requires major changes in your eating habits.
Food allergy: an abnormal response to a food that is triggered by the body’s immune system

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Include these points in your IELTS speaking or writing on Health:

  1. Fruits and vegetable have several health benefits.
  2. Old-age people can have more health problems than younger ones.
  3. The health care condition of the country is getting worse.
  4. There are lots of health risks associated with fat food.
  5. Health education is very important for everyone to prevent illness and reduce medical costs.
  6. Sweden has excellent health system.
  7. The country’s population is in good health.
  8. For healthy life, exercise is must.
  9. Smoking and drugs may lead to poor health condition.

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