Top Ten Synonyms for Your IELTS Written Exam

A synonym is a word having the same (or nearly) meaning that of another word in the English language. If used appropriately, they can add a dash of elegance and oodles of excitement to any piece of writing. In simple words, synonyms can be a decisive facet between 5 or 9 bands in your IELTS written section.

Scroll down, as we’ve rounded commonly used synonyms for your IELTS, next week:
1.Amazing – Fantastic, Unbelievable, Wonderful

2. Angry – Mad, Furious, Excited

3. Bad – Evil, Spoiled, Wicked

4. Beautiful -Pretty, Lovely, Attractive

5. Begin – Start, Open, Launch

6. Big – Huge, Tall, Large

7. Cry – Shout, Yell, Scream

8. Do – Carry out, Execute, Achieve

9. End – Stop, Finish, Close

10. Good- Fine, Qualified, Favourable

Learning the above synonyms will not only help you to achieve good bands in your IELTS but also help you boost your writing skills forever. Contact British IELTS, no 1. IELTS preparation centre in Chandigarh to obtain high bands in your IELTS exam.

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