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Tips to Prepare for English Proficiency Test

Every exam indeed demands a lot of practice and dedication. If you want to give a remarkable performance, then you need to work hard for it. To acquire desirable bands or score in the exam, here are some tips and tricks for you. Follow them while preparing as well as during the test. Prepare hard and achieve the bands as required by your dream university or employer.

Go through the following tips if you are preparing for any English language test- IELTS, PTE or SAT:

Writing Tipsielts preparation

  • Don’t use the phrases that you don’t understand: Instead of using phrases and words that you yourself do not understand, it is advisable to write in regular English.
  • Do not exceed the word limit: It is highly suggested to write an essay or letter around the word limit as instructed. Do not exceed the limit as it can increase the chances of more corrections. Secondly, you have specific time for each section, so do not spend much time here.
  • Cover every point while writing: For instance, in writing section of IELTS you will be given a letter in which they instruct you to include two or three points. Make sure that you properly cover each point by keeping the content in the word limit.
  • Use idioms and linking words: To make your writing impressive, learn some idioms for each category. Idioms can pull more marks as they make your writing more informative and show your knowledge about the language. Practice them as much as you can before applying in exam.

Speaking Tipsielts speaking skills

  • Do not pause while speaking, until examiner asks you to stop: This is very essential and important tip. You should not give any pause when you are instructed to speak for 2 minutes in a cue card task. Your pause for even few seconds can deduct your score. They check your English fluency and you have to prove your confidence level. So, avoid taking any pause.
  • Say NO if you don’t know the exact answer: Some students keep on answering illogically, even if they do not know the answer. These students think that saying NO can reduce their score. It’s myth. Guys, it is better to say ‘No’ instead of answering incoherently. They are not going to test your general Knowledge but English language and unless you have a content, you cannot speak properly. This will surely deduct your marks. So, Inform the examiner, he will change the question immediately.
  • Do not limit your answer to Yes and No: For instance, if examiner asks you “Do you think a morning breakfast is necessary?”. Do not answer it in one word saying Yes or no. In both cases, support your answer with more information.

Listening Tipsnote taking strategies in ielts and pte

  • Inform the examiner immediately if there is any error in the headphones or audio is not clear
  • Carefully, transfer the answers to the answer sheet after recording stops

General Tips:

  • Try to complete each task before the given time limit so that you can left with some time to revise or recheck your work.
  • Get a proper sleep a night before the exam.

We hope, these tips can help you to beat any English language exam in the first attempt. Follow the tips and score 7+ bands in IELTS, crack SAT or even PTE.

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