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Tips for IELTS Speaking Cue Card(Part 2)

Cue Cards are considered as the second part in IELTS speaking test where a candidate is asked to present his/her ideas on some particular topic. A student is given exactly 1 minute to merge or collect the ideas in mind. Proceed as per the given instructions on the Cue card by the examiner. You have to speak for at least 2 minutes or till the examiner asks you to stop. Your topic will be followed by 2-3 questions by the examiner on the basis of your views on that topic. In total, this session lasts for 3-4 minutes.ielts speaking part 2

Some students feel very anxious about this part. They feel that they cannot perform their best in this part(cue card), but this is not true. Everything is possible if you find a solution to it. You can also learn  How to Improve English Vocabulary for Ielts? If you know what to say then you should also know how to say. Collect ideas and sort them in such a way that they look impressive and draw more marks. These cue cards are broadly divided into 6 parts:

  1. People (you already know, you want to know about, favorite ones etc)
  2. Places (you visited recently, you are dreaming of, you often love to visit)
  3. Objects (any)
  4. Habits and Likes (Likings, hobbies, why these only etc)
  5. Plans (Coming week plans, today plans, future plans etc )
  6. Experiences (at job, with some stranger, with family etc)

You can notice that all the above categories are directly or indirectly linked with your daily lifestyle. You can easily answer any of them even without using strong vocabulary. But your ideas should be strong and effective. Use attractive phrases and interesting details.

cue card sample

Example of Cue Card
Topic: Describe the most admirable person for you.
Solution: You can use the following ideas-

  • Who is the person?
  • How did you meet him/her?
  • What did you learn?

Explain all these points briefly to make your speech approx 2 minutes long.  You should also know The Right Way To Move Your Mouth When Speaking English. Also add some extra points accordingly, showing that the person is really admirable.ielts cue card

Important Tips to Take Into Consideration While Responding to Cue Card’s Topic:

  1. Start with Introduction: Starting with an introduction puts a good impression on the examiner. This includes a little frame about what you are going to talk about. E.g. “I am going to express my views on….” or “I am going to talk about…”.
  2. Elaborate Each Point: You are given a card including 3 points, you have to elaborate all those points. Do not dry up before you are asked to. Say 2-3 things about every point to make a perfect length. Manage all the points accurately.
  3. Give Interesting and Real Details: Make an image in your mind about the person you are talking about. This will help you to speak fluently and easily. Inclusion of real story and some details would make your talk more interesting.
  4. Make Your Speech Logical: A cue card shows you 3 points, you can use those points to get ideas and also link them properly. You may hit by various ideas as you read the topic but if you arrange them, then it would be portrayed logically.
  5. Practice hard: The last and the most important tip is to do practice, as much as you can. Try making own situations and then speak on those. You can also take help from previous IELTS test. Record yourself to listen it later. This would surely improve your performance.

Hope! These tips would help you to give your best. Prepare yourself perfectly so as to leave nothing behind. The crux of the matter is dependent on your ideas so their arrangement is very crucial. Sometimes, students waste about half time before they start with the necessary points and examiner stops them. Read out 5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Spoken English Skills for IELTS. Be careful and all the best.

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