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Jack of All Trades Master of None- The Secret to Craft a Successful IELTS Attempt

“Jack of All Trades, Master of None,” the popular quote itself seem worth a debate. But, what if, someone suggests- this is the secret to hack your IELTS? Hard to digest, although, below we’ve mentioned top five reasons to justify that:

1. Master the Art of Writing

Do you think great novelists, the famous bloggers are made overnight? Unless aiming to get in the evergreen writing industry, you are in the path of IELTS blunder (with due respect) if you are reading heavy English stuff such as Forbes, Economic Times, and Sherlock Holmes stories. Instead, practice BBC grammar textbooks essays with simple sentence structure and words. This is the most effective tactic to crack your IELTS with high bands.

2. Act According to the Need Of The Hour

Someone or the internet told you to learn the American accent to impress the interviewer during your IELTS speaking module? Well, that’s just a myth, breaking the study overseas dreams of many, ever since it came to light. As a matter of truth, English accent depends on the nation of birth (where you have spent years of school days). For instance, if are Indian-origin attempting to incorporate a flair of an American accent to your speech solely for IELTS, more often than not you will make a mess of it.

3. The Real Aim

Why you’ve registered for IELTS exam? Of course, to prove your English competence to all the elite universities out there. The pinching truth- you are probably not going to pursue your career in the stuff you are learning for IELTS exam. Though, many will disagree- English is a universal language and worth mastering, you have time for that probably whole life.

4. No Need to Pressurise

By adopting the “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” attitude, you will never get pressurised with any of the IELTS section during the day of the exam. Knowing, there is no weakness and strength, you have equal, golden chance to give your best for all four modules of this English test.

5. Know How to Find Answers, No the Meaning

It’s similar, to the master plan we employed in our school days to solve the unseen passage. Probably, you will not be left with ample to read all the text printed on the reading exam. So, locate the answer and move on to attain high scores in the reading module.

A Word of Caution- this strategy is not suitable for all individual. Different people have a different viewpoint, which should be respected, apply this approach knowing you fit its dimensions.

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