The Right Way To Move Your Mouth When Speaking English

Unfortunately, Our first language immensely affects the way we speak English. The accent highlights and gives the flavor of the native language of the person whenever s/he tries to speak up other language, especially English. This happens to be a great hindrance, when you apply or take your IELTS Speaking test. In this article, you will get to know the tricks to express and pronounce the words correctly in English. Also we will let you know how the position of mouth plays a major role in spoken English.

Tick down 10 hacks for expressing the words correctly.

  • Record To Listen: tips_for_skype_interviewIf no one is there to mentor you, don’t worry. Just record your speech to duly scrutinize it later by listening to it. Get it compared with the person whose first language is English.
  • No Haste: Haste makes wasteIf you think you can learn English in a couple of days then you’re absolutely on a wrong track. You got to do it step by step. Practice as much as you can, it will only polish your speaking power. Start with the basics then move towards the major points.
  • Catch The Visualization: haydenoneillBefore speaking anything, just give a thought and have a gleams of how that word or particular sentence should be pronounced. This will help you in speaking anything with correct accent.
  • Be Physically Strong: Physically strongThe art of learning a new language is like acquiring a physical skills where you learn new techniques to move your mouth by accurately using your muscles differently.
  • Ask The Mirror:tummy-time-with-sassy-mirror To practice spoken English, The best way is to do it in front of the mirror. Check by seeing yourself whether you are moving your mouth, tongue properly or not. How does it sound when you make particular shape of your mouth, etc.. This exercise really works.
  • Take Expert Advice: 61674879_640You cannot learn the correct pronunciation, accent, style of speaking an English language without taking an expert advice. If there is no one to mentor or guide you, just take the assistance any of veteran speakers from Radio, television, etc. by listening to them. This will help you understand where you’re lacking and what shall be your next move.
  • Develop Confidence: Develop confidenseGenerate the confidence to speak up in front of people and choose to practice alone and not in a group. In a closed room, there is no one to point out your mistakes so speak up as louder as you can. Assume that you are addressing a speech in a big hall, with thousand people witnessing your public address.
  • Take Feedback: feedbackPracticing works when you get proper feedback’s. It is very imperative. Ask a friend or any of the family members to listen to your speech and give their honest responses on it. Choose a listener who is good at English.
  • Read, Read And Read: Untitled-3 If you read good thing you will be able to write and speak good things. Therefore, read as much as you can. Without reading you won’t be able to move forward smoothly. Learn the art of intonation and stressing on words. Read out famous speeches, poems, stories, etc..
  • Be An English Song Lover: English Song LoverListen to English songs over ear-plugs and try to concentrate on the accent. Follow its lyrics, play and sing the song parallely by reading it. Until and unless you fell in love with the word English, you won’t be able to speak it fluently.

Follow the speaking tips and tricks and become the expert of English. Hence, end up with scoring good bands in IETLS Speaking Test.

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