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Recent Changes to Canada’s Immigration Policy

Recently, some changes have been introduced in the Canada’s Immigration Policy. With its effect, new Government has pledged to focus mainly on the family reunification, welcoming new immigrants, humanitarian aid and refugees issues. Canada’s Government policy has low birth rate and rising life expectancy which lead to population aging. So the country demands growth in the population and economy, with the help of immigration. Inviting new immigrants is a strategy by creating more jobs to grow the country’s economy. canada immigration

Promises made by New Government of Canada

Promises made by new Government include:

  • The number of applications for sponsorship will be doubled to 10,000 per year.
  • The budget for processing the applications of family class has been lowered.
  • Applicants with Canadian siblings will be assisted in preferred way than earlier.
  • The maximum age limit for dependents will be increased to 22 which was kept 18.
  • It was promised that, before the end of 2015, Government will bring 25000 refugees from Syria to Canada.
  • Ban on the refugees by the previous government will be cancelled.
  • Barriers will be removed from the international students, further allowing them to become permanent residents of Canada.

Critics’ Suggestions

move to canadaSome critics presented their views on new changes and suggested the immigration to discard Express Entry program and move back to the Skilled Worker Immigration program and Canadian Experience class program which were in script before January, 2015. Over eight years, the Skilled worker immigration program was backlogged due to excessive number of applications than required. Program was in high demand due to high popularity and success of the program. This program is very effective that attracts quality immigrants in large number. Critics also added that every skilled work category should have some quota for maintaining the program and avoiding backlog.

In addition to the above program, Canadian experience class program is also considered as an excellent program which really benefited the country’s economy. International students who got their education from Canada and possess Canadian work experience are excellent candidates to apply for permanent residency. Critics want this program to be excluded from Express Entry program.

Good News for Students

study in canadaThis time is really very good time for the students to move abroad for higher studies. Canada is one of the top study destinations in the world. It is going to offer lots of benefits to the students so they should definitely grab this opportunity. Number of applications has been increased which allows more students to enter into the country through express entry scheme. Further, if any of your relative resides there especially your siblings, the chances of your visa approval will increase. So it is advisable that students should not miss this opportunity.

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