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Recent changes by US immigration for Immigrant Graduates

Students are back to school in their small congested campus rooms with their bags. This time suggests an advanced method to scrutinize the issues of higher education. One of the issues that needs an attention is- “Student Visa Policy”. Students Visa needs a deliberate consideration as it includes various students who move abroad for Post Graduation. It has been noticed that these foreign students have huge positive impact on the American economy. But this benefit cannot be taken for long term as the current policy does not allow these students to contribute their skills for much time.

changes by US immigration

As per the current policy of Student Visa in US, A student after completing graduation can stay maximum 60 days, thereafter. According to this students have very limited time period to search or apply for jobs. It is really destructive for the American economy. It is a fact that the best and brightest students from all over the world get trained in the American Universities and further they are offered valuable skills in various fields. They are completely developed as skilled professionals, but prohibited to use their adopted skills. But this actually scale down the US economy.

US is also among the Top 5 Best Study Abroad Destinations for Indian students. According to the reports, every year, around 8,00,000 students from all over the world attend the US schools after clearing Ielts exam. These students get admission into the US schools to learn new and advanced technologies and gain experience from this developed country. They also acquire the values of fellow students and learn different languages which develop them personally and mentally. US department found that these foreign students contributed around $28 billion to the US economy in the session 2013- 2014.

How would this change aid the foreign students?foreign students in US

A new change says that some of the international students with brilliant skills can gain H-1B lottery and get work authorization but this is not valid for all. Other students need to follow the current rule which says a student has to pack their bags and fly to their country after 60 days of the graduation. But they can register for Optical Practical training, a popular training program that ensures work authorization after graduation. There are various field for study.

Brief about the new change:

  1. Firstly, the tenure period, for the international students to stay after completing their graduation, will be more than 60 days. Lawmakers should not allow the bright talents to leave the country who shall add up too much to their future economy. These students have lots of skills to boost the US economy.
  2. Visas for foreign students, who want to get admit into the graduate programs, should increase. These students would positively contribute to the US economy by creating new jobs in the upcoming years.
  3. OPT course would help a lot so this extension needs to be continued for STEM graduates. Further Non-stem graduates should also be allowed to opt the extension of OPT course.

In 2008, Microsoft owner Bill gates, argued that the US immigration and education system needs to be reformed. He further added that without attaining this reform, US companies will not get the talent required to innovate and compete in future.


Foreign students, who choose to study abroad in US, should be given more than 60 days to stay in US after completing their graduation. This time is necessary so that they can find or apply for the jobs or other relevant opportunities. These students will continue to use their developed skills towards the growth of US economy. So now you can also plan to move to US for your higher studies. Get the best IELTS training at British Ielts coaching institute. We tell you important tips and tricks- How To Prepare For Ielts Exam even in short time.


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