PTE Essay Writing: Marking Scheme And Tips

In PTE Academic exam, students are given 20 minutes during which they have to plan, write and revise an essay on a given concept. Other than usual writing skills, sub skills such as stating opinion with supporting details, structured-format, grammar, vocabulary and spellings are tested in PTE Essay Writing.

Marking Scheme

Feature Marks Given

3- Accurate facts mentioned.

2- Accurate but does not deal with one minor aspect.

1- Major facts missing.

0- Inapt facts mentioned.


2- Length maintained between 200-300.

1- Between 120-199 or 301-380.

0- Less than 120 or more than 380.

Structure and Coherence

2- Good development and structure.

1- Less structured, poorly linked.

0- PTE essay writing lacks coherence.


2- Amazing use of grammar. Rare Errors and difficult to spot.

1- High degree of grammatical control with few mistakes.

0- Several basic mistakes.

General Linguistic Range

2- Smooth demonstration of thoughts using wide range of language.

1- Sufficient range of language to provide clear descriptions.

0- Basic language that lacks accuracy


2- Broad lexical resource including idioms and expressions.

1-  Good range of vocabulary but can lead to use of indirect speeches.

0- Basic vocabulary, unable to define topic.


2- Correct spellings.

1- Omitted one spelling error in PTE essay writing.

0- More than one spelling error.

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Tips To Score Well:
#1. Take time to plan your essay – introduction, arguments, conclusion. Think of at least two significant points with supporting examples or details.
#2. Make sure to write within word limit i.e. 200-300. Writing more than this will NOT get you any extra score.
#3. PTE essay writing demands use of wide range of words. Do not just cram but also learn their correct usage in a sentence.
#4. Focus on improving your grammar as your score will increase if you make sure to remember different grammar tenses and use correct punctuation.
#5. Learn how manage time. Devote 3 minutes to planning, 14 minutes on writing and 3 minutes to check spellings, grammar.

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