Popular Idioms And Meanings Describing People

By the use of idioms, we add color to our language and make it more interesting for the readers or listeners. We can present our data in a whole other way. We can use following popular idioms to refer to people:

#1. Barrel Of Laugh- Someone who is very funny
Example: Aside from being a professor, he’s a barrel of laughs.

#2. Old As Hills- Someone who is very old
Example: He may be as old as hills but he’s not forgotten his memories.

#3. Class Clown- Who makes everyone laugh
Example: He was always the class clown and always had a smile on his lips.
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#4. Cheapskate- Someone who doesn’t like to spend money
Example: John is know to be the class clown since he is always telling funny jokes.

#5. Early Bird- One who gets up early
Example: He’s an early bird who reaches office sharp at 8.

#6. Jack Of All Trades- Someone who can do a lot of work and very well
Example: Her passion to learn new things made her jack of all trades.
jack of all tradesList Of Popular Idioms For IELTS

#7. Fair-weather Friend- Someone who is good friend when everything is fine
Example: Bad situations reveal fair-weather friends.

#8. Black Sheep- One who is odd one in the family and usually in trouble
Example: Despite everyone’s effort to teach Lilly how to behave, she is just the black sheep of the family.

#9. Oddball- Someone who is weird and strange
Example: Because of her antisocial nature, she was somehow considered to be an oddball.

#10. Social Butterfly- Social person
Example: Her career led her to become a social butterfly as opposed to her old introverted self.
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