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One Week Study Schedule to Crack Your IELTS

Of Course, there is no magic wand to score big in IELTS, but we’ve one-week study schedule top-secret that will help you to crack the IELTS exam.
Don’t panic, if you are having your IELTS exam next week. Instead, use this time optimally, just be smart and stay focused, the below elaborated IELTS study programme can assist you to do exactly that. By obeying this one week study schedule, you can target aspects that are most likely to boost your IELTS score, stay away from stuff that won’t.

Day 1 and Day 2: Boss the Writing Tasks

Devote the first two days of your one week schedule to learning and practicing IELTS writing tasks, as a recent survey says, 90% of Indian students are better English speaker than they write. So, firstly understand the ideal strategy to deal with IELTS writing assignment 1 and 2, once you are familiar with that, practice as much as you can. Also, exercise against the clock; stick to 20 minutes for task 1 and 40 minutes for the second task approach while doing IELTS writing tasks.

Day 3 and Day 4: Become a Fluent Speaker

Apart from some rules and recommendations, there is no such trick or hack to become a fluent English speaker. But, the approach, which is known to be easy to follow yet effective is to practice, practice, and practice. Speak in front of a mirror, then only you will come to know how much time you’re wasting with the ahhs, and the umms! And, practice can reduce them.

Day 5: Transform Yourself from Being Just a Reader to a Keen Reader

The only trick we’ve for you is not to read every word, remember you are reading to answer, not for your pastime. Ensure you understand and obey the instruction carefully. Look out for underlining, italics, graphs, tables, headings, and title. A matter of truth, there might erupt a situation when you know nothing about the theme of the passage, just remember, all the answers are there in the text itself.

Day 6: Become a Good Listener

Of Course, you can’t become a good listener overnight, but can attain level where you score high band in IELTS listening section. Stay focused and be calm is the mantra for the IELTS listening test.

Day 7: Time to Revise and Relax

It’s the last day of your preparation; revise what you have done till now, and don’t forget to have a sound sleep in the night.

At the end of it all, this one-week is no one blanket for all, so it’s best to join British IELTS classes for results.

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