IELTS Speaking Evaluation

On what basis are the candidates evaluated in IELTS Speaking Module?

We all are well acquainted with the fact that IELTS is a standardized international test conducted in order to test the proficiency of non-native English speakers. This test comprises of 4 sections namely, Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. Every section has a unique set of questions to test your respective skills but if we talk about IELTS Speaking Evaluation in particular then there are 4 basic factors that are responsible for your complete evaluation.

But, before discussing the four of them in detail, let’s just get a quick glance at the following sub-sections that collectively form the IELTS Speaking Module:

In this subsection, the candidate is asked certain questions that are related to his/her personal life. The examiner reads questions from an already prepared script where the questions include topics like work, home, study, hobbies, favorite food, holiday destinations, sports, festivals, and all other everyday familiar topics.

This sub-section includes a cue card topic and you are given one minute to think about it. And once you are done, you have to speak about the topic for 2 continuous minutes.

This last sub-section includes a further discussion about the cue card given in Part 3. You will be asked questions related to the cue card topic and for this purpose too, the examiner has an already prepared list from where he/she reads the questions. These questions are not at all difficult, it is more like a normal conversation between you and the examiner where your views and preferences are tested in the form of a question-answering round.

So, now that you know about the sections in detail, let’s discuss the different criteria that are responsible for your complete evaluation in IELTS Speaking Module. So, here are the following:

The candidate must be fluent enough to express his/her thoughts in a clear manner. Moreover, the examiner will evaluate you on the basis of relevancy too. In simple words, your ideas must be relevant to the given topic and your discussion should give a clear idea of your thoughts.

Good use of vocabulary is necessary in order to give more meaning to your sentences moreover, it is always considered a plus point in the evaluation process.

You are also evaluated upon the accuracy of the rules of the language, i.e grammar. Just being fluent isn’t important but at the same time being grammatically correct is equally essential.

Last but not the least, if your pronunciation isn’t correct then there are chances that your word could be mistaken for some other. Moreover, a wrong pronunciation can showcase a bad impression on your examiner, making him/her deduct your marks.

Basically, IELTS Speaking Evaluation is done keeping in mind the simple needs of the language. So, if you are willing to score better in IELTS Speaking Module then you can visit BRITISH IELTS and get the benefits of our specifically designed Single Module Classes. For more details visit our office at Sector 34, Chandigarh.

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