note taking strategies in ielts and pte

Note Taking Tricks in PTE and IELTS Exam

Note taking has always been very important but a tricky process. Some people are very smart and organized in preparing notes from books, lectures or through online material. Whereas for others, it is very complicating action. Both kind of users read same things, listen to same person or viewing same data but you’ll find a great difference between the notes developed by them. The creation of notes is not an easy thing, you should follow some standard method to reflect your data or ideas concisely but easy to understand manner.

note taking tricks for PTEMaking notes is also an important part of IELTS or PTE exam. Students really want to know the techniques for making productive notes that can help them to score more marks while listening or reading. Once you make your notes, you can answer anything that will be asked by the examiner. You need to produce the information on the paper very smartly. If you spend your time carefully on this step, you can easily clear the subsequent steps, thereby leading to more scores. You should know about the Best 10 Tips For How To Prepare For Ielts Exam. Now we’ll discuss some important tricks to arrange the notes effectively.

Be a Rich Listener

One needs to be very catchy listener when being assessed. No need to jot down each and every word you listen, just concentrate on the important words/dates/phrases and note them on paper. This would save your time while answering to the upcoming questions. In listening section of IELTS, you are asked some questions on the basis of the conversation or anything you listen. So if you collect the relevant data on the paper while listening, you would be able to answer the questions easily and accurately as well. Read out How To Get 7 Bands In IELTS?

Things that you should consider while making notes include:

note taking tips in ielts

  1. Note down the specific information only.
  2. Use your own words.
  3. Hit important dates, places, names, things or quotes etc.
  4. Adjust the data in the style that you would be able to understand later.
  5. Keep the notes neat and simple so as to avoid any confusion while responding.
  6. If you skip something, do not try to recall it, rather move to the next point.
  7. No need to decorate the information as you will not be given marks in this.
  8. Include set of symbols to save your time while indicating the information where you need be more attentive. e.g., @,$,&,*, etc.
  9. Use only first alphabet of the name or anything that is being iterated 4-5 times. E.g: if there is a conversation between Sam and Tony, use “T” for Tony and “S” for Sam.
  10. You can also use shortcut spellings for the popular words like “Del” for Delhi, “imp” for Important, “dt” for date etc.

While preparing notes, you will easily get some idea about what could be asked by the examiner. Further, your brain also becomes familiar to the informed matter that would help you to respond to the questions quickly. You can relate the points and the incidents as you have also written them while listening. This technique saves your time and also gives you a confidence that would really help you to grab more marks. You will feel like you are sitting in your classroom.

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