IELTS Essay Writing

Master the Art of Writing Essays for IELTS

Essay writing is not new, during our schooling days we were made to learn and grasp the art of composing an essay, but still most of us have this query “what is the best strategy for IELTS essays.” if your basics are sound and clear, writing an essay won’t seem a dreaded, overwhelming task.

Essay being a large venture in an English exam, there are certain steps that any IELTS aspirants can adhere that will help them to break down the assignment into manageable tasks.

Think Before You Write

The above heading is a part one of the popular quotes of William Arthur Ward, which most of us advice to others, but no implementation when its comes into your own. Read the task carefully, so that you clearly know what exactly you have to write? What style (formal or informal) and tone you need and want to adopt?

Make Notes of Your Ideas

Though you will be time constrained when attempting IELTS essay tasks, it’s no-brainer to note down the points relating to the task you want to add into your essay. It’s better to pen down ideas on the question paper, rather than the answer sheet so that the examiner does not come across them.

For this step, you need to figure the ideas you’re going to use and what order? So that your essay isn’t just fragmented catalogues of inappropriate points.

Now, It’s Time for Drafting

Write the essay on your IELTS answer sheet in line with the strategy you planned in the preparation stage. Topper’s recommend a candidate to spend not more than 10 minutes of IELTS tasks 1, and 20 minutes for the second task.


If you have written the essay with a pencil, you can the cushion to review and improve your piece of writing. Ensure, you’ve have answered the task thoroughly. Check whether your style and tone are appropriate. And, lastly, your paragraphs should be logical yet clear.

The above plan for writing an essay is quite simple yet effective. For the best preparation for your IELTS exam, enroll yourself in British IELTS classes.

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