Learn How You Can Score 65+ In PTE Exam

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is a computer-based English language test that is undertaken by students willing to study abroad. All four sections, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing, are covered under this exam. Advantage of this exam over IELTS is that it gives result quickly; within working days.
Students who are gearing up to take this exam anytime soon must get familiarized with some of our necessary tips to score 65+ in PTE.

Collectively (applied to all four fields of learning), you must:

  • Understand Exam Pattern
    Before anything else, you must thoroughly learn PTE Exam pattern for both Academic and General. You need to decide which one of these suits your purpose and how to prepare for it. Since, marking scheme and time division differs for both, you should get a clear picture of exam structure.
  • Sharpen Your Vocabulary Skills
    In order to attain high PTE score, you must start expanding your vocabulary for this exam. Each and every sector will require usage of broad range of vocabulary. You can refer to variety of sources to strengthen your general English skills and enrich your vocabulary.
  • Improve Grammar Competency
    Grammar is analyzed for each and every sentence. If your grammar is good, you might be able to get high score 65+in PTE. Take help of qualified teachers to help you in improving your grammar. Developing, both vocabulary and grammar skills require a lot of practice on regular basis. Don’t skip even a single day before your exam.
  • Re-checking Answers Before Submitting
    This tip is basically for when you have completed attempting all answers. Don’t rush to get rid of exam. Cross-check each question and answer of PTE Test. Remember to answer within word-limit as prescribed in each section.

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Section-wise Tips for PTE Test:

  • Writing
    Give special attention to punctuation. Punctuation such as comma, colon, exclamation marks and apostrophe are most commonly used ones in any kind of task writing. You must learn how to specifically use these and then others to obtain high PTE Score. Be very sure to write within prescribed word limit, not less than that or more. Keep the essence of question in mind and only write after identifying main topic.
  • Speaking
    To score well in Speaking section, your concepts of PTE Exam Pattern must be clear in order to know what to expect during exam. Pointers to keep in mind while attempting this section are that you must respond quickly and keep on speaking, since microphone stops recording after 3 seconds of silence. Note that, 30-40 seconds of time is given to understand texts before recording starts.lips-girl-speaking-microphone
  • Reading
    Focus on keywords and search in text to look for options. Pay close attention to frequency of words that are being used in given passage. Fill in the blank section can be the most easiest way to gather high PTE Score. Just keep select the one word that collocates the most with words beside it.
  • Listening
    To excel in listening section, you need to get used to English words and their pronunciation. Start Listening English as much as you can to develop ability to catch phrases. During PTE test, note down main idea of the audio, supporting arguments to frame your response eventually.

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