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Learn About IELTS Collocation

What is Collocation?

what is collocation Collocation indicates the words that are always used to be place together. They might be placed together due to some grammatical reasons. They have been in use in the same manner from long time and they sound correct. When you learn English language, it is very essential thing to be noticed and to be covered in your concepts. Let’s go through the following examples:

Make a bed/ money
Catch a cold/ bus
Come late/on time
Do shopping/homework

We can’t change their way, for instance, saying “catch a bed” seems odd. These words do not collocate together.

Use of collocation in IELTS

use of collocation in IELTS

IELTS band 7 has specifically outlined the importance of collocation by stating that using less common phrases impressively with the inclusion of collocation depicts a great way of writing. The examiners are highly known to all such rules and award you marks by keeping all these things in view. So it would be better if you improve your vocabulary– by reading newspapers, listening to English news, English movies etc. If you really want to gain 7 bands or more than 7 bands in IELTS, then you have to be very influential with your words. You have to work on some less common words so as to make your writing or speaking unique and also learn the usage of these words in a sentence. This would be effective for the examiner as well. It is not used particularly if you need 7 bands only, instead you can use it all the time. You should have a good hold of them, otherwise you set a bad impact on the examiner.

How to learn Collocation?

Collocation is not an easy game. It is not something that you can learn instantaneously. Whenever you learn a new word, you also need to learn other words that are commonly used with it. This thing is taught to you when you go for IELTS or spoken English. You can also find this method of guidance in your course books. In this way, you do not just learn few words, instead you also learn other related words. This is an interesting way of learning many new words which is otherwise not easy.

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