Know How Grammar Plays a Vital Role in Cracking IELTS exam!

Grammar indeed is a backbone of any language that we speak or write. Similarly, grammar plays a crucial role in helping you obtain great band score in IELTS examination. The level of importance may vary from module to module in IELTS exam, but a language without grammar is like a food without salt, that is worthless!

Importance of grammar for different modules of IELTS examination:

1. WRITING MODULE: Writing Module has two sections where TASK 1 requires you to write approximately 150 words and TASK 2 requires a brief description of 250 words. You are provided an answer sheet along with the topics written over it and judged on the basis of your writing. A good writing includes good vocabulary, interesting content, and a meaningful conclusion. No matter how good your vocabulary is, you will never be able to generate interesting and meaningful content if you are not good at grammar. Grammar is needed for the clarity of your content which further makes it both interesting and meaningful.

IELTS Speaking Module may seem easier than WRITING, but the fact is that in case of writing you can erase what you have written once, but in case of speaking you cannot take back your words once said. So, when you are speaking in front of an examiner, you have to make sure you are grammatically correct and your answers make sense, as each module counts, resulting in a good Band Score.

3. READING AND LISTENING MODULE: Though, grammar doesn’t play a vital role in READING as well as LISTENING MODULE, but knowledge of grammar is still needed to select the correct answers in these modules. The choice of your answers somehow depends on the grammar, which further affects your IELTS Band Score.

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All this sums up exactly how important is the knowledge of grammar for you if you’re planning to take an IELTS exam. Good knowledge of grammar will not only help you have a better communication with others, but gives you an advantage in expressing your thoughts clearly. So, to obtain a good IELTS Band Score make sure to use grammar correctly and wisely.


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