IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question: Favorite Story of Your Childhood

For the IELTS cue card part of the speaking module, you will be given one minute to prepare yourself for a particular task mentioned on the cue card. In addition, instructions are also provided on the card, which will be given to you by the examiner. Your talk on that topic should last for two to three minutes, in order to improve your chances to attain a high band in IELTS speaking.

Let’s take a look at a sample cue card question, along with the answer:

The Question: Tell Favorite Story of Your Childhood?

First of all, your answer should include these things:

1. Who Told You the Story?

2. What Was the Theme of the Story?

3. Why Did You Like It?

4. Most Importantly, What Was the Moral of the Story.

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ielts speaking-childhood story

Answer can be like:

“The stories form a significant part of everyone’s childhood, and I too was fond of them, which were narrated by my grandmother on every Sunday evening. And, one such story, which is still fresh in my mind, is the cat in the hat. It’s about a tall cat, who wears a red, white-striped hat, and a red bow tie. The story revolves around it, how this cat entertains two kids Sally and Sam with its magic tricks.”……

Like this, go on, explain the reason why you liked this story, and lastly, tell the examiner, what moral you got from this story.

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