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IELTS preparation for Canada

If you are devising to live, work or study in Canada, you should first read about the basic requirements of Canadian immigration. One out of those requirements is English language. You IELTS general test score will be required by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), when you will apply for work visa or permanent residence in Canada whereas IELTS academic score will be used to apply for student visa.

Why is IELTS test required in Canada?

IELTS basically examines the English language level of an individual. It checks your capability to speak, write, listen or read in that language. To make your life more easier while staying in Canada, you should have a good hold of the native language of the country. Whether you are moving there for work or for permanent residence, you will definitely have to communicate with others and if you are well known with their language, it would be more beneficial. In Canada. IELTS is considered as a key requirement for employment. Some people who wish to shift to Canada for work, have a common question- Do I need to clear IELTS to work in Canada or How much proficiency is required to get well integrated into Canadian workplace. Furthermore, your IELTS scores are also considered for Canadian citizenship. So, IELTS preparation is must, get proper IELTS coaching.

ielts bands for canadaHow can you meet the Canadian language requirements?

Canada has set up some standards for describing or analysing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants or immigrants who wish to live, work or study in the country. These standards are termed as Canadian Language Benchmarks. Your IELTS results reflect your performance as compared to Canadian Language Benchmark standards.

What score do you need?

There is no pass or fail in IELTS. You are awarded with IELTS bands ranging from 1-9. Canada CLB level lies between 4-10. Canadian Government or professional agency sets its own score that you need to meet. CLB scores wrt IELTS bands are shown below. You can easily find your CLB score by matching your bands. Try to achieve 7+ bands in IELTS to get recruited by top organization.

ielts-clb canada

Once you found your CLB score, enquire the respected authority whether you are eligible or not to work in their organization. Every organization has its own criteria.

Above all, Prepare for the IELTS test!!

ilets preparationIELTS is the first step you need to clear, if you wish to move abroad for study, work or permanent settlement. This is the very first step so you need to be very serious about it. Prepare yourself online, by self study or through IELTS coaching. IELTS coaching plays a crucial role as the teachers guide you exactly towards the right path. They find your weakness and reveal the secrets to get success. Whether it’s reading, speaking, writing or listening, your English skills need to be very strong. Start preparing it from today only, Join the best IELTS coaching institute near you. Clear IELTS and apply for student visa to Canada.

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