IELTS or PTE? Are They interchangeable

IELTS and PTE are world’s two most prominent and reliable independent means to figure out the English language competence of non-native talkers.

With every passing year, the figures of test takers are augmenting at a fair clip. But, the question, which may be looming in your mind, what’s the motivation behind their exploding popularity? Well, both of them are recognized by hundreds and hundreds of top overseas universities, colleges, and institutions all over the world in their admission scheme.

Are they interchangeable?

As they saying goes or an illusion, PTE is believed to be much easier, compared to IELTS, consequently, giving birth to some widespread queries: Are they synonymous to each other? And, is PTE, the best alternative for IELTS?

No Face-To-Face Test

Unlike, IELTS exam where the oral test is face-to-face with the analyst, thus give a reason to those, who lacks confidence in their ability to speak fluent English to opt for PTE, where a microphone and a computer captures the audio.

Scoring Pattern and Results

A worth mentioning difference lies between the scoring pattern of these English language evaluation exams. For IELTS, you will be weighted in your ability of speak, read, listen, and write English by presenting a band in the range of 0 to 9. While for PTE, applicants are graded on a scale of 10 to 90. A detailed IELTS scorecard can be viewed online 13 days from the date of exam, in comparison to 5 days for PTE results.

Test Dates and Location

IELTS exam is organized in 48 pre-fixed dates at over 900 centers spread across 130 nations. PTE Academic test centers are present in over 50 countries worldwide, and a candidate can appear for it at any time of the year, subjected to availability of seats in his desired center.

Which is Better? Time to Have a Debate

It’s not a straightforward to decide which one is better, as both the exams have same modules: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. There is a host of reasons why PTE is more suited to certain kind of people, however, this created a buzz that PTE is easier and better to do.

For example, the essay section in the writing module is short (300 words), and the PTE speaking section will be recorded by a computer rather than a human examiner. What does both of them mean? Well, if you are a nervous sort of flock, who usually feel timid to communicate in English with a native talker of this language, then this will surely make you feel more comfortable to express yourself.

If Writing English is never being your cup of tea, you might find PTE writing section less stressful. However, don’t discard IELTS for them, it is more advantageous to speak in front of a human examiner, as there is no chance of losing marks due to technical glitches, and the writing part of IELTS  allow you to showcase your ability to write meaningful and grammar-error less essay.

To sum up, if you’re torn in the dilemma of choice (IELTS or PTE)- consider your weak and strong areas to make the right career defining decision. For IELTS and PTE coaching place a call at 8054363621, British IELTS.

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