IELTS Listening Practice: Pointers To Keep In Mind!

It ain’t easy to score high in listening section of IELTS , but with right guidance and regular practice it gets quite attainable. There are a few pointers every IELTS aspirant must keep in mind while attempting or preparing for Listening section. They are:

Important IELTS Listening Tips

#1. Recording Is Played Only Once
Yes, recording is played only once and you won’t get to hear it again. It is very important for you to practice listening audios or tests that are available online only once. You must try to develop your ability to grasp words and understand full sentences one they have been spoken. Try IELTS Listening practice session frequently.

#2. Listening And Writing Go Hand-In-Hand
While you are listening, make sure you write down points (with a pencil). These pointers will further help you to formulate your answers and copy it on answer sheet. You’ll be juggling between listening audio, reading questions and writing down answers. Practice enough so you know how to balance!

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#3. There’s No Negative Marking, So Attempt Every Question!
Marks are given for each correct answer but never deducted for a wrong one. It’s highly advised to answer each question without fear of losing marks. Just guess and don’t leave your sheet empty, you may be right. Again, IELTS Listening practice will help you to understand format more clearly.

#4. Read Instructions Of Every Question
This is because for different types of questions, limit to number of words to be used in an answer changes too. Also, pay attention if only a “number” is written in instruction section. This means you can use only one word.

IELTS Listening Tips: Use These Idioms To Score High

#5. How Words Are Calculated In IELTS Listening?
Date such as 1994 is considered to be one.
Hyphenated word such as “time-out” is also counted as one.
Keeping this in mind attempt your answers as per limit.

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