IELTS Band Score Requirement For PR (Permanent Residency)

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is leading choice of aspirants who wish to relocate on foreign lands. We all are aware that IELTS is required by top universities as an evidence of english proficiency, but did you know that IELTS is also obligatory to apply as a part of your immigration application. A good IELTS Score for PR can get you maximum points as foreign Government officials and authorities reward extra points for having qualified this exam.

There are two types of IELTS Exam- IELTS Academic and IELTS General. For PR, every individual is supposed to give a proof of his/her english skills and IELTS General is set keeping in mind the kind of environment an immigrant would live in. The two sections of writing and reading differ from IELTS Academic. Countries like UK, Canada and Australia demand this score and based on this you are awarded PR Points.

Let’s study how IELTS help you to apply for PR in each country:
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  • IELTS For PR In UK
    UK Government approves of a special IELTS Exam named as IELTS Life Skills. This IELTS Exam for UKVI is a government secured English Language test, used as a proof of english proficiency of candidates. UK Visas and Immigration awards candidates as high as 10 PR points to candidates who apply for immigration based on IELTS Score for PR.
  • IELTS For PR In Canada
    If you’re planning to migrate to Canada, you must take an English proficiency test as it is mandatory to submit it along with your application. Giving IELTS General for PR is the most suitable choice as it is uniquely constructed examining how an immigrant would handle situations in English environment. Immigration department of Canada allots as high as 28 points for having good English skills required to settle down as permanent residents.
  • IELTS For PR In Australia
    Australian Immigration criteria differs a lot from any of the two countries listed above. The minimum band score required to apply for PR in Australia is only 6. The immigration Authorities test candidate’s ability to speak, talk, listen and hear in English based on IELTS Scores. The maximum points awarded to IELTS for PR in Australia are 5. They can easily be obtained, so aspirants willing to move to Australia must not neglect it.

To immigrate to any of these countries on PR basis, one needs to meet its basic immigration criteria. To score required bands, you should join best IELTS coaching and live your dreams.

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