IELTS Band Score Required For Australia

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It assesses candidates English proficiency on all four levels of speaking, listening, reading and writing. IELTS is accepted over 9000 organizations worldwide.

Do you want to study in Australia? Study with IELTS.
IELTS is undoubtedly the best choice to move to Australia whether you wish to pursue education or work. Below we’ll discuss two different types of IELTS Tests and Band Score required. Depending on your need, different visa requires different kind of test. Australian immigration accept 5.5 or 6.5 scores and above.

After US and UK, Australia ranks third, being home to several universities. With appropriate IELTS Score, you can also apply.student

IELTS For Australia: IELTS Academic
Academic test of IELTS is mainly for students who wish to study in Australia. It aims to test skills of students who wish to acquire professional graduate or postgraduate degrees. Though, Listening and Speaking Sections are same for both Academic and General, Writing and Reading are a bit tough. Reading passages are taken from textbooks to see if candidate will be able to study without English Language being a barrier.

Take IELTS to prove you have the right language skills for studying in Australia. Minimum IELTS Band Score for Australia is as low as 5.5 for some universities while others may requires 6.5 only.

Read detailed difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

IELTS for Australia: IELTS General
General test is specially designed for people who want to get either work visa or family visa all together. Overall IELTS Band Score for Australia required under this category is much less than minimum score required in Academic. Reading and writing sections for IELTS General are comparatively easy. It is set keeping candidate’s ability to work or live in English Environment.ielts

How to prepare for IELTS?
Only two things are needed to score high in IELTS. They are accurate guidance and regular practice. It’s better to get a professional coaching for IELTS, since they are able to provide the best study material and expert training. If you wish to study, work or immigrate to Australia, start preparing for IELTS as soon as possible. Follow us to know more about tips, tricks and latest new on IELTS Exam.

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