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IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Sample Question with Answer

Topic: It is suggested that everyone wants to have a car, a television and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages? You have 40 minutes to complete this task.

Advice: Spend 10 minutes on planning and 30 minutes on writing

Let’s break the answer of this question into 4 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraph 1
  3. Body Paragraph 2
  4. Conclusion

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In introduction, give a brief description about the subject or simply rephrase the question. Choose any of these methods. Both are correct.

Now, come to paragraphs BP1 and BP2.
If you are completely favoring the topic, make strong points and divide them into BP1 and BP2.
If you are against the given statement in the topic, again make some points to prove yourself and divide them into BP1 and BP2.
In case of partial view, include some favoring points in BP1 and opposing ones in BP2.
Take care of word limits and make sure your points should have some relevance with the topic. Write your point, give some explanation for that. Include example also, if possible.

In conclusion, you can give some hope, fear or suggestion for the topic.

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ielts academic writing

Technology is a core strength of the nation. It leads to the development of society. This development may have some advantages or disadvantages. The subsequent paragraphs will emphasize on both of these views.

Items that are considered as luxury by few are, sometimes, basic requirements of many. Technology has developed new machinery that has made human tasks very easy and quick. For instance, internet has connected people around the world and it does not take much time unlike letters, that were older method of communication. Travelling has become very accessible as everyone has own vehicle because of its affordable prices due to latest inventions. People need not to travel long distances by foot, happened in early days. With the help of television, people are more aware about the latest events or activities happening around the world or in their city. Additionally, development helps to raise the standard of the nation on the world’s list. Rising nation means more buildings and industries which help to increase the employment. With this, nation’s economy will also improve.

On the flip side, sometimes technology is also considered as a bane. The reasons are many. Due to easy access of mobile phones and internet, people like to spend more time on social media instead of spending time with family. Children do not sit with their parents for fun or healthy talks. Moral values are degrading. To improve the standard of living, people flaunt and use illegal ways to earn money and become rich. Some people use technology in negative manner such as hacking other people’s account, internet frauds etc.

To conclude, it can be said that advantages over weigh disadvantages. Development of the nation is possible with the advancement of its people. People should know their needs and accordingly decide what is more important in their lives.

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