How to Practice for IELTS Writing in 15 Days

In simple terms, To study or work abroad you need to go through a test called IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. The person who is familiar with this examination system, Knows all about each module that it covers to examine the candidate. Among the different parts viz. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, The writing section is the toughest one.IELTS Writing PracticeIt is a sheer challenge to meet the requirements of this unit of the test. Comparatively, The candidate who is aspiring for PR visa needs to strive yet more harder to attempt this module of the exam. Furthermore, The aspirant of Academic and General training section, Gets different kind of questions.

The writing test in the IELTS exam is diversified. Each segment of test viz. Academic and General, Are arranged with different kind of test. For acquiring a study visa, You need to use your plethora of knowledge, glossary and expression to elucidate a diagram or a graph. You require to define your answer by embellishing it with strong grammar and vocab. The more creative you are, The best you score in the test.

Similarly, In the General module, You will be provided with a situation on which you need to pen down an official or an unofficial letter. They are provided with sample questions as a guide.

The second part of the similar test is identical for both the modules. The second task asks for independent type of questions where you as a candidate, Is free to ink down your thoughts, opinion, idea, etc. on the given topic.

Here at British IELTS, Students are catered with an option to learn and improve their writing capability merely in the time span of 15 days. Check how, Count from Day 1 to Day 15:

Day: 1 to 15

  • Research about IELTS test. Go through each and every thing of which get you good marks, Everything – Starting from how to write an essay to the required word limitation, etc.;
  • Develop an urge to write on any given topic, Prepare yourself;
  • Academic aspirant should look for study material like graph, chart, etc.;
  • General trainee, Search more for writing on informal and formal letters;
  • Discover about the criteria that will fetch you good bands;
  • Learn more about grammar, vocabulary, power of punctuation marks, etc.;
  • Learn the art of writing and the factor which can beautify your writing skills, Have the command over the language;
  • Sketch out the essay, Know how to start the flow of it. Do this on a 5-day routine;
  • Develop confidence in writing. Submit yourself a write-up, Twice a day!;
  • Do not feel humiliated, Welcome criticism with open arms.

Do the aforementioned things in the duration of 15 days with the assistance of British IELTS. With constant lectures on how to improve your writing skills, Success is sure shot! The expertise will help you in knowing the level of skills in writing by evaluating and examining your essays and articles and also guide you to tread in a right way, So as to get you good score in IELTS test.

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