exam format of PTE general

How to Clear PTE General?

PTE (Pearson test of English) General is one of the two tests taken under PTE. It is computer based test. Being designed to check the English language level of an individual, It rewards the positive achievements. It comprises of 2 parts:

  1. Written test: It examines the listening, reading and writing skills.
  2. Spoken test: It assess speaking skills

It uses 6 different levels for assessment, linked with CEF(Common European Framework of Reference for languages). You will be given scores in the band of 10-90. The official awarding body for PTE General is- Edexcel Limited. It tests the required standard of English of an individual that is accepted by Universities, employers and other authorities.

Why PTE General?

Why PTE General test

Is PTE better than IELTS? This is one of the questions strike every student’s mind. PTE General is proposed for all English learners who are non-native speakers of English language. They just test you simply to check out whether you would be comfortable in other language as you are in your own language. They do not ask you anything except what you actually need in your social, academic or professional life.

How it evaluate your skills?

PTE General test evaluationOne is being evaluated on the basis of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You have also heard about Ielts test which is also used to test english skills but there is a difference. Read out the Comparison between IELTS and PTE? to make it clear. Test takers need to be successful in some given tasks i.e participating in conversations, essay or message writing, understanding articles, talks or presentations etc. One is tested at 6 different levels from A1 to C2.  It tests your integrated skills e.g.  while listening, you need to answer some questions simultaneously. So at the same time you are being tested in integrated skills.

Which things need to be prepared for PTE General?

PTE General consists of 2 parts. So one needs to work on both of them including their sub contents as well to score good. We are discussing its format with skills set that needs to be polished.

Written Test Format of PTE General

Skills set Objectives Timing Scores
Listening (3-option multiple choice) To assess one’s ability to understand the essence of short spoken pronunciation 1 hr 35 minutes 10
Listening and writing (Dictation) To assess the ability to understand an extended assertion by arranging spoken text 5 listening, 5 writing
Listening (Text, note completion) To assess one’s ability to extract specific information from extended speaking 10
Reading (Gap fill 3-option multiple choice) To assess ability to understand the purpose, structure and main idea of short
written texts
Reading (3-option multiple choice) To examine the ability to understand the main ideas in an extended written text 5
Reading (Open-ended question) To assess ability to understand the necessary points of short written texts 8
Reading (Text, note completion) To assess ability to extract specific information from an extended written text 7
Writing (Write correspondence) To assess ability to write a piece of correspondence  (70–90 words) 10
Writing (Write text) To assess ability to write a short text from own experience, knowledge or imagination
(100–150 words)
Total 1 hr 35 minutes 75 points

Spoken Test Format of PTE General

Skill set Objectives Timing Scores
Speaking (Sustained monologue) To assess ability to speak continuously about matters of personal information and interest 1.5 minutes 25 points
Speaking (Discussion) To assess ability to discuss a concrete issue 2 minutes
Speaking (Describe picture) To assess ability to speak continuously about a picture and interpret some aspect of it 1.5 minutes
Speaking (Role play) To assess ability to perform and respond to language functions appropriately 2 mins
Total 7
25 Points

Results Announcement of PTE General Test

The PTE test’s result is made available to the test centres within five to eight business days after the test date. Results can also be received on demand through secure post.

Start Preparing To Achieve Success

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