How To Check IELTS Results Online

After completion of IELTS Exam, it takes about 13 days to form Test Report Form (TRF). You can receive this test report by means of email or registered/express mail. If you wish to receive your IELTS Score via express mail, you need to submit a prepaid envelope to your test center on your speaking day.

Although, several test centers propose result collection service in which you need to collect your IELTS result in person. You are mailed location and pick-up time after 12 days of the test. You receive only one copy of your IELTS Score.

How to check IELTS results online?
There is also provision of checking your results online. Your test report is available online for a span of 28 days. This result gets available within 24 hours after you have given IELTS exam.

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What information is needed to check IELTS results online?
In order to examine your result online, you need to provide:

  1. Date of Exam
  2. Passport or ID number
  3. Birth Date
  4. Name(s) Given
  5. Family name or surname


Your IELTS Result 2016 can be viewed via websites of one of the following networks of test centers:

  1. British Council
  2. IDP IELTS Australia

How to get additional Test Report Forms (TRFs)?
You can request for additional five copies of Test Report Forms (TRFs) to be sent to academic institutions, immigration departments or government bodies within 2 years i.e the validity period of IELTS Score. There won’t be any added charges for this, if you apply within a month of result declaration. Although, extra fee has to be paid for more than five copies and after completion of one month, for every copy.

Not satisfied with results? Don’t worry, there’s IELTS Revaluation Criteria!ielts-revaluation
After you check IELTS results, you might face a common dilemma of whether or not your scores are justified. You can opt for IELTS revaluation that is officially called Enquiry on Results (EoR).

You can apply for this revaluation only within six weeks of your original result date. You will be charged for this and the cost is approximately half of normal IELTS fee. This is fully refundable if your score changes.

This process takes about six to eight weeks during which you cannot use your original result to apply anywhere. You will receive a mail or a letter informing of you final scores. This sums up the whole process to check IELTS result 2016!

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