How Do I Know That I’m Fully Prepared for the D-Day-

How Do I Know That I’m Fully Prepared for the D-Day?

Self-assessment, improvement,…progress, these all look good and easy over a piece of paper, but pretty baffling to pursue. Maybe, these are the words your mum and dad, professor, or relatives advised you as the secret to IELTS triumphant.

You’ve solved so many IELTS practice and mock papers. You practised more grammar exercises that you can count? You polished your spoken English ability by watching Hollywood movies and listening to English songs. But, the main question, is it helping? Your proficiency in the language improved or are just they munching away your precious preparation time? Sometimes you may feel you are 100% prepared and IELTS 9 band is on the radar, other times… it’s like  I have learned nothing throughout the year. So how do I know about my IELTS preparation? Is it heading towards the right direction or not?

Time to Time Reflect Back on Your Past Work

You must have got some old notebooks with your past work, analyse them, has your English writing improved or stuck at the same spot where you were two months back? You can also go through your email history, to get find is the grammatical errors have reduced dramatically in recent times, or are you still committing the same mistakes?

Has My Spoken English Improved or Not

To be frank, the only way to know if there is any kind of improvement in your pronunciation and fluency is your critics, – mean your friends or classmates, who trolled you for bad spoken English. As there are ones, telling you exactly where your weaknesses are.

Your Reading Speed Don’t Lie

Let’s know the biological reason behind this; do your know something about psychology? This subject focused on the human brain, there is a neuron, a nerve that sends vibes to the body and the brain. According to neuropsychology findings, the more times the neuron sends messages to the brain, the stronger the connection becomes. So, to put it simply, if you practise English, your brain physically become more ability to English and the response is simple. Therefore, you reading speed will tell how good you have become content. A good reading speed is no the pace at which your eyes move across the content, but the word you read in a single fixation.

To conclude, excellent infrastructure and experienced teaching staff are promises to students from British IELTS, who are going to appear for this year’s IELTS exam.

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