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How Difficult is It to Clear an IELTS exam?

Many times, students are curious to know as “what is the pattern of IELTS exam?” before the actual exam day. Or how difficult it is to clear an IELTS exam? Apparently, students should understand it very well that it’s not easy to find the given information and rely on it completely. When talking about an IELTS exam, then it’s important to understand that the difficulty to give an IELTS exam may vary from person to person. One may find listening as difficult and another person may find writing exam as the most difficult. So, looking forward, we will be mentioning each section in IELTS and what problems do students face in it. This demonstration will somehow help you access your level of knowledge towards it:

Let’s get started:

  1. Listening: Among 4 sections of IELTS module, the one that is considered as the most difficult one is the Listening section. This is because, during IELTS listening exam, the amount of information that is required to hear and remember is so much that they are unable to concentrate and remain unfamiliar with different dialects of English. To get through this level of exam, students should make sure to listen to English shows, news and understand different dialects of this language before appearing in the exam.
  2. Reading: The next hardest part of IELTS exam is the reading section that consists of large part of reading in the allotted time i.e. a student will have to read 2500 words, 40 questions in 1 hour. For students who are comfortable with the searching and reading quickly will find this section, the easiest. But, students usually face problems in the academic section of IELTS reading exam, as it consists of vocabulary that can only be easy if they have proper exposure to reading newspapers, books, articles, etc.
  3. Speaking: Most of the students find IELTS speaking exam, the most comfortable one, as the majority of them practice it in their daily life by speaking the English language. What makes them uncomfortable in speaking test is that they have to speak on the topic for a long time and complete the set of answers. To overcome this problem, it is suggested to seek help from some native English speaker for evaluating the level of your understanding.
  4. Writing: Many students fail to get through the IELTS writing exam is just because they are unable to generate examples and ideas, write enough answers required and that too within the time allotted. During the exam, a student will get 20 minutes to write 150 words in task 1 and 40 minutes in task 2, so not meeting the minimum criteria to write will have to pay penalty for it.

So, till now, you might be familiar that where you lack behind and what improvement is needed to get through your IELTS with good score. So, here’re some recommendations to help you get through your IELTS exam with good bands:

  • Make a habit of taking the practice test on the daily basis before the examination, as this will help you judge well that what’s needed to be improved more.
  • Seek help from some online IELTS experts that can provide you online sessions, practice papers on the regular basis, and can assist you with your queries.
  • Another option is to join some best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh where you can get help from IELTS experts who can help you obtain a good IELTS band score.

Well, one institute that can provide you both the above services is none other than British IELTS. Yes, British IELTS has recently started its online IELTS coaching platform where students can enroll themselves and get started with all sort of IELTS coaching help they need before their IELTS exam. So, if you are interested in joining offline or online IELTS coaching, British IELTS is undoubtedly the best institute to seek guidance from.


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