Here’s how I Scored IELTS Band of 8!

A lot of IELTS aspirants surf the internet to gain ideas that can help them get through the IELTS exam with good score. But, one should avoid going for false pieces of advice, instead should learn from the experiences of students who have already given the exam. So, we thought why not share the real experiences of students who had appeared for IELTS exam in the past.

So, here is what Harsimrat Singh has to share about how he scored an overall band of Scoring 8 in IELTS exam:

IELTS Result:

  • Reading-8.5
  • Listening: 9.0
  • Speaking: 7.0
  • Writing: 6.5

IELTS Exam Experience:

“Hi Friends! I am happy to share my thoughts for IELTS exam that I had given in December last year. I hope this experience of mine would help most of the IELTS aspirants who are looking for some genuine advice to clear IELTS exam with a good band.”

First of all, I would like to thank British IELTS for helping me clear my IELTS exam. The trainers out there were truly outstanding and improved my English level skills. It’s just because of their dedication and high-quality study material that I was able to get through the exam with such as good score. So, here’s my experience that I went through in giving all 4 levels of IELTS exam:

IELTS Speaking: For all those who have a phobia for speaking will find this section a bit complicated. Even I feel nervous while appearing in any oral examinations. Although, I followed useful tips to attempt in IELTS speaking exam, but gradually failed speak, record own voice and then in evaluating where I lacked behind.  During the final day of IELTS exam, I committed a few mistakes such as jumbling my answers, repetition of words, but eventually started going in the flow. What led to scoring 7.0 in speaking section was probably the early period of mistakes and nervousness.

IELTS Writing: This section was where I lacked the most and probably many students might agree with me, as hardly there might be a few who would like to write essays.  So, I always used shortcuts to attempt essay writing section in IELTS writing exam. However, taking help of tutorials helped me a lot, as everything was given presented with proper examples. Apparently, how I was able to score 6.5 in writing exam was because of task 2, as I followed every instruction carefully.

IELTS Reading: Frankly speaking, this section will be easy for those who have a passion for reading. So, was the case with me, as I too love reading a lot of books. When I started with IELTS reading section, I found it quite interesting and fun. Although, the section was quite easy, but I didn’t want to take a chance, so I went through each question and attempted as the instructions were given. This was the reason why I scored a band of 8.5, the highest among the 4 in IELTS reading exam.

IELTS Listening: Lastly, I would say that don’t dare to take this section leniently, as it is a listening section. While practicing for my listening section, I used to find this section very simple as compared to the other sections. However, while attempting, I lost my focus and failed to get through. This somehow jolted me, as I knew that doing the same in the exam would leave me nowhere. So, this is my humble advice to every student that keep your focus straight while appearing in IELTS listening exam.

“So, if you are preparing for IELTS exam, I would cap up by saying that first identify your weakness and then prepare accordingly. Also, if feasible seek the help of some experienced tutors by joining any reputed and reliable IELTS institute as British IELTS.”  

Well, we thank Harsimrat Singh for sharing his kind thoughts! Although, institute efforts are not solely responsible for getting a student win through the battle of the exam, student’s efforts are equally important. In the end, it’s advisable that if you’re not sure to get through the IELTS exam and need some genuine assistance, we can help you ate British IELTS.

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